EgyptAir 737 Business Class Review

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Read on for this EgyptAir 737 Business Class Review from Cairo to Istanbul. How does it rank among my other business class flights? Let’s find out.

After my comfy trip across the Atlantic, I was looking forward to this EgyptAir 737 Business Class Review. Although the food and drink were lacking on that flight, the seats were comfortable and the service was great. On this EgyptAir 737 Business Class Review, I find much of the same.


Route: Cairo to Istanbul
Aircraft: Boeing 737
Seats: 8A
Highlights: Comfy seats.
Low lights: Seat conditions, meals, no alcohol.

Seats & Service

As we were flying on a smaller 737 I was not expecting much more than a little extra legroom for this EgypAir business class review. I was pleasantly wrong as the seats were similar to those on my Air Canada business class flight – just a little dated.

EgyptAir Intracontinental Business Class Review
via Flickr CC – @TravelingOtter

Service was similar to what I found flying across the pond. In-seat power outlets, USB, and blankets and pillows– perfect after a morning touring the pyramids of Giza.

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Food & Drink

EgyptAir Intracontinental Business Class Review
via Flickr CC @taigatrommelchen

Again, ditto on the intercontinental flight I took with EgyptAir – meals were just okay and alcohol is not served on board. Decent coffee though!

EgyptAir Intracontinental Business Class Review
via Flickr CC @Matt_Weibo


The inflight entertainment on this EgyptAir intracontinental business class review was a slightly less packed version of the Intercontinental flight I took. It was odd as I watched a show that had two episodes on the long flight but on this flight, there was only one. This added to the overall experience


Again, although the food and entertainment were lacking on this air EgyptAir intracontinental business class review, the seat made this trip worthwhile. I was beyond tired and had no trouble sleeping onboard. A two-hour delay cut my time at the Istanbul Turkish Air CIP lounge short but gave me a little extra shuteye on the tarmac in Cairo. Easy to do from these seats.

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What say you?
Thoughts on this EgyptAir Intracontinental Business Class Review?
Let’s hear it!

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Cover photo via Flickr CC @PROGerard van der Schaaf

How does this flight rank?

8 Seats
8 Service
8 Food & Drink
8 Entertainment
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