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On my first flight since the pandemic started, I got to check out Air Canada’s 787-9 business class. This is something I have been waiting far too long to experience. With the pandemic dragging on I had to cancel three separate trips that included an Air Canada 787-9 leg.

With cabin fever kicking in, I shifted my attention to domestic travel and electric vehicles. As part of a one-way flight to Quebec City where I was picking up a new Tesla, I finally got to check out Air Canada’s 787-9 business class. Here is my overdue review.

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Route: Vancouver to Toronto
Aircraft: 787-9
Seat: 5A
Highlights: CleanCare+
Low lights: Maskless snorer!

Maple Leaf Lounge and CleanCare+

Before diving into this Air Canada 787-9 review, it’s important to highlight how Air Canada is making it safe to fly during the pandemic. Through its CleanCare+ initiative, Air Canada has implemented measures from end-to-end to ensure you are as safe as possible. This includes touchless check-in, maintaining social distance, and strict sanatization procedures.

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Through this program, Air Canada has opened two of its Maple Leaf lounges, Vancouver and Toronto. On this trip, I got to experience both.

I made my way to the Vancouver Maple Leaf lounge after breezing through security. No line ups is a positive in this otherwise crappy situation we are all in.

Inside I found plenty of safety measures in place including floor markers to direct traffic, touchless menus, and service to your seat.

For my full review on the CleanCare+ lounge experience in both Vancouver and Toronto, check out this dedicated post.

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Air Canada 787-9 Business Class Seats

Where Air Canada’s efforts to keep people a part fails is during boarding. The line up was long and very confusing. That said, I am not sure what can be done when trying to load hundreds of people on to a plane.

At my seat I found a packaged blanket hiding a grey seat with light wood accents. I really like the decor of Air Canada’s 787-9 business class seats. It is warmer and more inviting than other business-class products I have reviewed.

The looks, however nice, are not very important in the grand scheme. If I am spending hours on end in that seat, it better be comfortable. Thankfully, I am happy to report that the Air Canada 787-9 business class seats are very comfy with plenty of legroom. Seats lay flat and feature massage settings. I did not find these overly effective but a nice touch none-the-less.

Air Canada 787-9 Service & Amenities

Service and amenities on this in Air Canada 787-9 business class review was limited to the CleanCare+ package left at each seat. This included:

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Face mask
  • Gloves
  • Sanitizing wipes
  • Pretzels
  • Bottle of water

Flight attendants did not come around often but they did do their best to ensure everyone was wearing their masks at all times. This included the large man behind me snoring loudly with his mask around his chin. The flight attendants woke him more than once to adjust this.

Food & Drink

Since I was flying during the pandemic, food service was also limited. Beyond the pretzels in the Cleancare+ pack, snacks and drinks are available by request.  

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This lack of service is expected. CleanCare+ is about reducing touchpoints so this makes sense. As such, I was sure to fill up in the Maple Leaf lounge pre-flight. If you are flying during the pandemic, I suggest you do the same.

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Air Canada 787-9 Entertainment

The entertainment system on this Air Canada 787-9 business class review is a highlight. The screen is large, clear, and has access to a ton of content. This includes several Canadian films and television shows. 

If you are curious to check out this content from the comfort of your own home, Air Canada made it available during the pandemic. They were the first to offer something like this and hopefully not the last!

ANA 787-9 Business Class Review Conclusion

Although I wish my first flight in Air Canada’s 787-9 business class was under different circumstances, I can say they offer a great product. Thanks to their CleanCare+ program, Air Canada is bringing a little extra comfort back to flying.

Still, I feel like I just got a taste of what the full experience is like. I very much look forward to taking full advantage of Air Canada’s business class service post-pandemic. 

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Review: Air Canada 787-9 Business Class | YVR - YYZReview: Air Canada 787-9 Business Class | YVR - YYZReview: Air Canada 787-9 Business Class | YVR - YYZReview: Air Canada 787-9 Business Class | YVR - YYZReview: Air Canada 787-9 Business Class | YVR - YYZ
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