YVR Plaza Premium Lounge Review 

Just before Covid-19 turned the travel world upside down, I had the opportunity to check of the YVR Plaza Premium Lounge in the US departures terminal. Is it worth the admission price? How’s the food and drink? Let’s find out.

This is my Vancouver airport Plaza Premium Lounge review.

Covid Disclaimer

This review is intended to help the reader with future travel plans when it is safe to do so again. Please consult local travel restrictions before planning any trip.

What are Plaza Premier Lounges?

YVR Plaza Premium Lounge

As noted in my Toronto Pearson Plaza Premier lounge review, Plaza Premium is a chain of lounges that are not associated with an airline. They have over 160 locations worldwide and is open to the public. On top of that, certain AMEX cardholders get free access.

How Much Does Access to the YVR Plaza Premium Lounge Cost?

Access to the Vancouver airport Plaza Premium Lounge starts at $50 for two hours and tops out at $80 for six hours. That said, if you are an AMEX Platinum cardholder, access to the Plaza Premium Lounge network is free. This is a great perk, especially if you’re not flying business class and want a little pampering before your flight.

Amenities and Service

The YVR Plaza Premium Lounge in the US terminal is located just before the small food court midway through the terminal. Again, like the Toronto lounge, the YVR Plaza premium lounge is small and crowded. Unlike the Toronto lounge, it’s interior is dated and pretty beat up. There are worn-out chairs and plenty of cabinets that could use some love.

YVR Plaza Premium Lounge

That said, Wi-Fi is fast and the service, or at least the smiling elderly lady that kept bringing me beer, is great.

Beyond that, service and amenities are limited to televisions, newspapers, and a small area for food.

Food and Drink

YVR Plaza Premium Lounge

Again, similar to the Toronto Plaza Premium lounge experience, the food and drink offering is limited. During my visit there was soup and salad with a hot curry dish which was actually pretty good. Unlike Plaza Premium in Toronto, there are no creampuffs. ?

That said, my server recommended the desserts and cakes and she was not wrong!

Although the bar is pretty small and beat up, the beer is very good. It’s not an extensive list but, instead of Molson Canadian or Coors Light that dominates most lounges in YVR, the Plaza Premium lounge features local craft brewery Fuggles and Warlock.

YVR Plaza Premium Lounge

Is the Plaza Premium Lounge YVR Worth It?

YVR Plaza Premium Lounge

With its cramped quarters and large crowds, I would take an airlines business class lounge over going to Plaza Premium lounges. That said, if you fly a lot for business domestically and not in business class or on airlines that don’t have a lounge, Plaza Premium Lounges are a great option. Hopefully, they take the travel downtime to address the ageing interior.

$50 for fast Internet, a hot meal, and a few drinks aren’t that bad, especially given the high prices in airport food courts and bars.

Even better, if you sign up for an American Express platinum premium card, that visit is free.

YVR Plaza Premium Lounge Review – Good to Know

Includes: Food, drink, and preflight cocktails.
Don’t Miss: Local craft beer!


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YVR Plaza Premium Lounge

YVR Plaza Premium Lounge Review YVR Plaza Premium Lounge Review YVR Plaza Premium Lounge Review YVR Plaza Premium Lounge Review 
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