Toronto Pearson Plaza Premium Lounge Review 

I’ve wanted to write a Plaza Premium Lounge review for a while however my layover times have never lined up. On my recent Air Miles booking to Ontario came a lengthy connection time of six hours. Determined to turn that lemon into lemonade I opted to write this Plaza Premium Lounge Review. It also finally allowed me to answer the question, ” Are Plaza Premium Lounges worth it?”

Let’s find out.

YYZ Plaza Premium Lounge 2021 Update

On a recent trip to Toronto, I popped in to see how the YYZ Plaza Premium Lounge is holding up during the pandemic. One thing that immediately stood out was the number of people. In past visits, the lounge was VERY crowded. Not so much on this go around. This makes for a more relaxing visit however, after checking out the kitchen area, I could see why. The menu has been limited and they only had Molson Canadian beer available.

Based on this, I would still pick Air Canada’s lounge first but if looking for a quiet alternative, the Plaza Premium is a good option.

What is Plaza Premium

Plaza Premium Lounges are not associated with an airline or an alliance. This means anyone can enjoy their facilities. With 160 plus locations in 42 airports, they are also the world’s largest independent network of lounges.

How Much Does Plaza Premium Lounge Access Cost?

Access to the Plaza Premier Lounge at the Toronto Pearson domestic terminal costs $50 for two hours, $60 for three hours, and $80 for six hours. Think this is a bit steep? The lounge is affiliated with AMEX so certain credit cards get you in for free.

Access to the Plaza Premium Lounges can also be purchased online in advance

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Toronto Pearson Plaza Premium Lounge Review 2019

What’s Included with Access to the Plaza Premium Lounge?

So what does that $50 for two hours get you? Pretty much the same as any business class lounge – a hot meal, alcoholic drinks, fast Internet access, a business center, and comfy seating. What’s notably missing from this Plaza Premium Lounge review seating that allows you to stretch out as well as any showers. Being a domestic terminal, the latter is understandable.

Where is Plaza Premium Toronto Pearson Domestic Lounge Located?

Toronto Pearson Plaza Premium Lounge Review 2019

There are two Plaza Premium Lounges in the International terminals of Toronto Pearson and one in domestic terminal one.

The Plaza Premium lounge Toronto Pearson domestic is located directly past terminal one security screening in the upper level. This means as soon as you’re done collecting your things you can head straight in. It is close to flights to partying within the province and is a 15-minute walk to gates of flights servicing the west.

Amenities and Service

The Plaza Premium Lounge in the Toronto Pearson domestic terminal is small. Given that anyone can access it for a fee, it’s also crowded…or at least on my midday visit. Nonetheless, there is plenty of seating options with workstations style seats set up in the dining area, loungers in the main room, and a quiet area with similar seating.

Service is limited to hot meals and warm smiles of the those working there.

Food and Drink

The food and drink offering on my Plaza Premier Lounge review was just OK. There was a salad bar highlighted by a quinoa salad with feta and beets. The warm meal offering of seasoned noodles (whatever that means) and sweet-and-sour pork was very high school cafeteria. There was also two hot soups but I did not sample either.

Toronto Pearson Plaza Premium Lounge Review 2019

The real win on my Plaza Premium Lounge review was the coffee machine and sweets. Although there are cookies, brownies, and some small dessert dishes in the fridge, it was the tiny cream puffs that won me over. I could’ve spent $50 on these alone. 

Toronto Pearson Plaza Premium Lounge Review 2019
Toronto Pearson Plaza Premium Lounge Review 2019

Last up on my Plaza Premium Lounge review is all about the drinks. Beer selection is limited to Coors, Coors Light, Molson Dry, and Heineken. Pretty standard for a lounge however there is no draft on tap. There is, however, free pouring wine and spirits.


Toronto Pearson Plaza Premium Lounge Review 2019

In the end, the Plaza Premium Lounge proved to be a great place to catch up on work, enjoy a meal, and a creampuff or two… or 12. Still, is it worth a $50 price tag for just two hours?

Well, with airport prices on meals and drinks it’s easy to rack up a bill while waiting for any flight to board. That said, if you have no intention of eating at the airport and having a couple drinks, then I would say no.

Toronto Pearson Plaza Premium Lounge Review – Good to Know

Includes: Food, drink, and preflight cocktails.
Don’t Miss: Them cream puffs!

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Thoughts on this Toronto Pearson Plaza premium Lounge Review?
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Toronto Pearson Plaza Premium Lounge Review 2019
Toronto Pearson Plaza Premium Lounge Review 2019

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