Five Places to Visit Before it’s Too Late

With rising global temperatures, erosion, and Instagram geotagging, some of the worlds most iconic locations are at risk of overcrowding, being damaged, or disappearing forever. With that in mind, here is my list of the must-visit sites before it’s too late…and one that you just missed out on.

Are the Maldives Disappearing?

With its highest point just eight meters above sea level, the small nation of tiny islands is at serious risk of disappearing forever. So much so that construction is underway to build a retaining wall around the capital of Male. The Maldives government is also purchasing land in other countries with the intention of relocating its people when the time comes. The threat is real and something that is completely lost on sun-seekers and honeymooners, yours truly included.

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Is the Great Wall of China Crumbling?

Five Iconic Places to Visit Before it’s Too Late

Although it has withstood centuries of attacks and hordes of tourists, much of the Great Wall of China lay in ruins. Today only certain portions are open to the public and because of that, can be incredibly crowded. Millions of people visit the small sections open to the public each year making it one of the most visited tourist attractions on the planet.

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Five Iconic Places to Visit Before it’s Too Late
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Is Bagan Overcrowded With Tourists Yet?

Five Iconic Places to Visit Before it’s Too Late

Speaking of hordes of tourists, Myanmar is slated to become the next Southeast Asian country to become overly touristy. This makes visiting Bagan, home to over 2,000 temples, a must-see now rather than later. On top of increased tourism, earthquakes over the years have destroyed thousands of temples meaning more can crumble in the future.

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Are the 12 Apostles Still Standing?

A Photo Walk Along 12 Apostles

Speaking of crumbling, Australia’s iconic rock formations off the Great Ocean Road isn’t what it used to be. As recent as 2005, one of the limestone towers disappeared into the ocean. Visit it now before the remaining ones are washed away.

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Is the Taj Mahal Closing?

Five Iconic Places to Visit Before it’s Too Late

Last up on this list of five sites to visit now before it’s too late is India’s Taj Mahal. Due to crowds and pollution, its white marble facade is in serious danger of fading away. So much so that the Indian government is proposing closing the site to the public for up to five years!

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Is it Too Late To Visit Tokyo’s Tsukiji Market Fish Market?

Tasting Tsukiji Market with Tokyo FooDrink 26

There you have it, five iconic sites to visit before it’s too late. Just so you know that I’m not exaggerating let’s take Tokyo’s iconic Tsukiji Market fish market as an example. Although it has been in the same location since 1935, city officials recently closed it down to make way for 2020 Olympics venues and facilities. On the positive, the new location includes observations decks for tourists. That said, there is no way the experience will ever be the same.

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