Bagan by Sunrise or Sunset: Which is best?

While touring the many temples of Myanmar I got to experience Bagan by sunrise and sunset. Which is better is a personal choice. For me, sunset provided superior pictures but sunrise was more peaceful. Both were spectacular. To help illustrate this, Here are my favorite Bagan by sunrise and sunset pictures:

Bagan by Sunrise

We left our amazingly comfortable bed at our Amazing Bagan Resort way to early. We wanted to ensure we had a good spot to enjoy Bagan by sunrise but turns out we could have slept in. Perhaps jaded by the hoards of tourists at Siem Reap in Cambodia, I had it in my mind that I would have to jostle for position at the popular Shwesandaw Pagoda. Not the case. Myanmar is still relatively new on the tourist track and this Bagan by sunrise spot proved that to me.

Bagan by Sunset

Fast-forward to a lazy afternoon relaxing by our Amazing Bagan Resort pool. With our quiet experience at Shwesandaw Pagoda we opted to return for sunset. Apparently, the tourist crowds like to sleep in because the crowds on the pagoda steps must have doubled. Still, not a bad place to watch the sun go down.


 Bagan by Sunrise or Sunset Good to Know

Tips: Arrive early (at sunset). Bring flashlight, sunscreen, tripod.
Less crowded Bagan by Sunrise Spots: Gawdawpalin Temple and Lawkaoushaung Temple…or venture out on your own to one of the thousands of uncrowded spots.

Note: Not all temples can be climbed! If unsure, don’t do it!

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While experiencing Bagan by sunrise and sunset I stayed at the Amazing Bagan Resort…and you should too.

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