Nashville is rad, and don’t people know it. In recent years tourism numbers to Music City are up, as is the desire for those to live there. When asking locals their thoughts on this sudden boom they all seem to point at the same thing – the vibrant music scene and the popularity of the TV series of the same name. I see otherwise. At the very core there are 5 simple things that make Nashville an ideal travel destination for me. They’re also 5 reasons why you should visit Nashville now before it becomes too crowded, too touristy, and too expensive.

Music City

This is an obvious one. With bar after bar playing live music, seeing a show in Nashville is as easy as ordering a Jack & Coke. Furthermore, music history in Nashville is a huge draw. The Country Music Hall of Fame, the Grand Old Opry, The Johnny Cash Museum, and RCA Studio B – known for recording over 260 Elvis Presley songs, all call Nashville home.


Bar scene

Going hand-in-hand with seeing a show in Nashville is grabbing a drink. With hundreds of bars Nashville is one of America’s wettest. Head to the Honky Tonk, a popular strip of country bars or to Midtown’s Music Row for a less touristy equivalent. Either way, getting a drink in Nashville is not a problem. Giddy up.

Honky Tonk via @Mark Mitchell Flickr CC
Honky Tonk via @Mark Mitchell Flickr CC

Also, with several whiskey distilleries in the nearby hills of Tennessee and Kentucky, a day trip for a tasting or two is more than doable.



Nashville is a surprisingly foodie friendly city. Meals in Nashville are hearty, fresh, and of high quality. Hot chicken, a local favourite, is readily available around town and is not to be missed. Other southern comfort foods such as grits, mac n’cheese, and fried okra are some of the countries best. So get in while the getting is good. Often with increased tourism comes bad food chain restaurants that push quantity over quality.



Nashville is as sport mad as it is music friendly. With 5 professional teams there’s something for everyone. Once on the brink of extinction, the Nashville Predators of the NHL have become one of the hottest tickets in town and the Tennessee Titans offer Nashville that unique NFL experience. What makes this a reason to visit Nashville now is both of these franchises have some of the cheapest seats in the NHL and NFL.


Tennessee Charm

The last reason why you should visit Nashville now is its people. I caught myself saying”why the f@ck is everyone so nice?!” several times during my stay. From my time smiling at the Hutton Hotel to the cheerful locals I met around town, Nashville is a very welcoming city. With its skyrocketing population, this small-town charm may not last. One last reason to visit Nashville now.

This car used to roll down Broadway. Why wouldn’t you want to visit Nashville now?


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