That Time I was a Modern Day Knight – Rhodes Segway Tours Review


The walled city of Rhodes was built by knights, for knights. During medieval times, men in armor rode horses through this cobblestone city – and I was about to do pretty much the same thing. Come along as I mount my mechanical steed and play a modern knight for the day thanks to Rhodes Segway Tours.

Safety First

After a thorough safety briefing which included a video of a Segway taking out the world’s fastest man, we did a test run to ensure we were Rhodes worthy. Our hosts Alex and Valvis made sure we were comfortable and safe before taking on the cobblestone streets of the old town. At first, this seemed like an impossible task (think Bambi on ice) but within minutes I had the hang of it. Segways really are quick to pickup…and hilarious.

Medieval Tour

Our day with Rhodes Segway Tours took us to every corner of the Old Town. From historic churches to the Gates where many battles were fought, we covered it. Along the way we had plenty of stops with great history lessons from our guides…but I had a hard time listening. Seriously, Segways are super fun…especially in a place like this.

Highlights of our Rhodes Segway Tours had to be cruising through the massive moat. Along the way we passed cannonballs (actual cannonballs!) and an area where concerts and performances are held. This former form of protection is well used with a walking/jogging path, and benches along the way.

Oh, and Segways.

Sold on Segways

Our day with Rhodes Segway Tours literally flew by. It was so much fun and can’t wait to ride again. Alex and Valvis are excellent hosts who are doing something they truly love and it shows. The last time I was in Prague I commented on how crazy it was with so many Segways whizzing by. Now I get it.

Rhodes Segway Tours

Then again, I was probably spoiled with my 1st Segway experience. Whether you are island hopping your way through Rhodes or scored a great deal on an all-inclusive package with loveholidays, Rhodes by Segway is amazing. We were able to cover and see so much of the city, places you would struggle to see on foot in such a short period. Not only did we see it all but we did it in the best way possible, navigating tiny alleys and down cobblestone streets – just like the knights before.

Sort of.

Rhodes Segway Tours

 Rhodes Segway Tours Good to Know

Tour Cost: Medieval 59€ per person
Includes: Guide, Segway rental, and good times
Don’t Miss: cruising in the moat and picking the hosts brains! Rhodes Segway Tours also offers a variety of tours including a 3 hour night tour filled with local food and drink. Next time!

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