Monkey See – A Photo Walk through Ubud’s Monkey Forest


Relaxing wasn’t the only thing on my Ubud agenda. Between tea time at Villa Sabandari and strolling through the rice terraces, I went to say hi to my ancestors. Ubud’s Monkey Forest is a mini sanctuary for mans closest relative. Lush jungle, a river ravine, and ancient temples allow Ubud’s Monkey Forest’ s inhabitants to live, play, and harass tourists in peace. Although on average these little guys bite ~3 people a day, my experience was a peaceful one. Then again, I wasn’t shoving my hand in their face or paying to let them climb on me so I could feed them. No thanks. I enjoyed Ubud’s Monkey Forest from a distance and with my camera.

It was surprising (but really) to watch people let these wild animals crawl on them then freak out when they pulled their hair or snatched their water bottle. Seriously?

Here’s my photography take away from my stroll through Ubud’s Monkey Forest:

 Ubud’s Monkey Forest Good to know

Again, they may look cute but Ubud’s Monkey Forest creatures can mess you up. Here are a few tips to stay bite free while visiting Ubud’s Monkey Forest:

  • Don’t pet. They will bite
  • Don’t bring in outside food. They will take it.
  • Don’t bring a water bottle. They will take it…and impressively, open it.
  • Don’t stare. Beyond being rude, eye contact can be considered a threat.

Admission: ~$3 USD

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