Antalya Waterfalls – Visiting Upper and Lower Düden Falls

Antalya waterfall

Are you wondering what are the best Antalya waterfalls to visit? Read on for my take on why Upper and Lower Düden Falls should be on your list.

Similar to how images of Perce Rock drew me to Quebec’s Gaspe Peninsula, Antalya’s waterfalls put the city on the map for me. Ever since seeing the first picture of Lower Düden Falls spilling into the Mediterranean, I knew I had to visit this magical place. It kind of blew my mind that there was this waterfall out there that flowed into the sea like this.

As I came to find, Antalya waterfalls are plentiful with 10 unique ones in the surrounding area. That said, visiting Upper and Lower Düden Falls is my top pick. Here’s why along with details on how to visit and experience them yourself.

Visiting Lower Düden Falls

Since Lower Düden Falls essentially brought me to Antalya, it was fitting that I made my way there shortly after arriving. After some confusion surrounding my hotel room, I dropped off my bags and headed out.

Where Are Lower Düden Falls Located?

Lower Düden Falls are located in the Lara district of Antalya directly south of the airport. It’s roughly 9 km from Kaleiçi (old town), 2 km from Lara public beach, and is on the eastern border of Düden park.

Getting to Lower Düden Falls

From scenic to speedy, there are several options to get to this Antalya waterfall.

  • Walk, bike, or scoot – Since Lower Düden Falls is located on the Mediterranean shoreline, its easily accessible from anywhere along the coast. Walking to or from the falls is super scenic and there are plenty of great restaurants and cafes along the way should you need a break. If your feet are tiered, there are bike, e-bike, and scooter rental options along the way.
  • Taxi – Cabs in Antalya are reliable and easy to find thanks to the stalls littered around the city. They are also affordable and use meters which removes any need to haggle over price.
  • Tour – Several city tours include stops at Lower Düden Falls and include hotel pickup and drop off. This is a great way to combine your visit with some other nearby sites. I suggest this Antalya Day Tour as it gets you to both the Upper and Lower falls as well as a cable car and boat ride!
  • Bus and Tram – Antalya does have a reliable bus and tram system with stops at Düden park. Bus lines KL08, LF09, LF10, and LC37 can get you there from Lara Beach, the city centre, and Kaleiçi.
  • Boat – For a different perspective, visitors can experience Lower Düden Falls from the water. There are boat tours departing from Kaleiçi (spring through summer) that get you close up to this popular Antalya waterfall and range in price from 20€ to 50€.

My Experience Visiting Lower Düden Falls

I set out on foot late afternoon in hopes of getting to the falls for sunset. I ended up getting a cab from a stand once I was clear of the old town and city centre. The driver let me off at Düden park where I quickly made my way to the water’s edge. The views did not disappoint.

While waiting for the sun to set, I explored the park. It’s a large green space with picnic tables and benches, a cafe, and a walkway that runs along the top of the cliffs. I took a stroll along the path and over the bridge crossing the Düden river which feeds the falls. To my surprise, this river is tiny and doesn’t compute with the size of the falls pouring into the sea. That’s when I read that the Düden river is largely underground! This would become even more clear later when I visited Upper Düden Falls

Lower Düden Falls at Night

Antalya waterfall

I lost track of time and didn’t realize how late it was getting until the waterfall started to sparkle. There are lights along the cliffs as well as spotlights giving the falls a nice glow at night. Between this and the planes poking through the fog and low clouds while on their final approach, it was a unique experience. If you visit this Antalya waterfall, I suggest sticking around after the sun sets for the show!

Visiting Upper Düden Falls

After my experience visiting Lower Düden Falls, I was convinced I should make my way upstream and check out the upper falls. I wasn’t expecting much but quickly found a waterfall and river system unlike anywhere else I have been.

Where Are Upper Düden Falls Located?

Upper Düden Falls is located in the northeast of Antalya, roughly 12 km from Kaleiçi (old town). The falls are part of a large gated park with trails and attractions inside.

Getting to Upper Düden Falls

Since you have to travel through the core of Antalya to reach the falls, I don’t recommend walking, biking, or using the electric scooters found around town. This leaves taxi cabs, city buses, and tours.

Taxi – Once again, metered taxis can be found at the stands around town.

Mini Bus – From the city centre you can take one of the Varsak minibuses.

Public Bus: The following city busses stop at Upper Düden Falls: VC30, CV17A, VL62, VF66, VC69, 524, and 524A.

Tour – I suggest the Cable Car, Boat Trip, and Waterfall tour if you are interested in seeing the upper falls along with other city sites and attractions. This tour also gets you to the lower falls.

My Experience Visiting Upper Düden Falls

I opted to take a taxi to Upper Düden Falls as I found them reliable and cost-effective. I knew the upper falls were within the city however it was still odd to drive through traffic to arrive at a park like this.

Once there I bought a ticket (5 TL per person) and made my way through the gate. Inside, there is a nice pathway that weaves its way along the river and over the adjacent streams. There are some stalls selling food and souvenirs as well as a riverside restaurant and cafe.

Upper Düden Falls is also known as Alexander Falls as it is said that Alexander the Great gave water to his horses from this very spot over two centuries ago! Evidence of the history surrounding the falls is on display with several ancient ruins laying about.

After what felt like walking back in time, the trail leads you into a cave system and behind the falls. How cool is that?

From there the trail loops around in front of the falls. As previously mentioned, you get a good understanding of the underground water system that is the Düden River while visiting this area.

Other Antalya Waterfalls Worth Visiting

As mentioned off the top of this post, there are several waterfalls in and around Antalya besides Upper and Lower Düden Falls. On my day tour to Side and Aspendos, I got to stop in at Manavgat, arguably the most popular of all the Antalya waterfalls in the region.

On my visit, the water was incredibly high and was more rapids than falls. Much of the built up area along the river was under water. On top of that, the area just felt overally touristy. Like why is there a Starbucks here?

After this experience, I am convinced that Lower and Upper Düden falls are the best to visit in the region. Aside from being beautiful and unique, they are accessible within the city limits of Antalya.

Still, those that are looking to check out other waterfalls in the area have plenty of options including the following;

There is also a specific waterfall day tour that gets you to three different falls!

What say you?
Thoughts on visiting these Antalya Waterfalls?

Antalya Waterfalls - Visiting Upper and Lower Düden FallsAntalya Waterfalls - Visiting Upper and Lower Düden FallsAntalya Waterfalls - Visiting Upper and Lower Düden FallsAntalya Waterfalls - Visiting Upper and Lower Düden Falls
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