Why I Passed on The Beach in Thailand

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Confession time. I have never seen Leo DiCaprio frolicking on The beach in Thailand nor have I read Alex Garland’s book of the same name. So why would I have visiting the beach in Thailand on my freaking bucket list? I knew nothing of the place other then what I have seen in photos. Sure, it looks secluded and beautiful but as I found once I got to Krabi, visiting the beach in Thailand wouldn’t be like the photos I have seen. I started to question why I should visit and ultimately passed on the beach in Thailand.

Here’s why:

What you See isn’t What you get

Everyone has seen the iconic pictures of The Beach in Thailand, fan of the movie or not. What these postcard worthy pictures don’t show you is the crowds and boat noise you share it with. Maya Bay has become overrun with speedo wearing tourists waiving selfi-sticks and ipads. All of them looking for that perfect picture…with an ipad.

No thanks.

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West Railay

After spending a couple amazing nights at the Sand Sea Resort in West Railay Beach I really started to think about passing on the beach in Thailand. It was shoulder season so the crowds were thin and the weather was warm. The sun sets were epic and capped off some seriously laid-back days. In my mind I had found “the beach” in Thailand.

Pha Rang Beach

Located a short and scenic stroll from the Railay Great View Resort is Pha Rang Beach. Only accessible by foot or boat, the secluded cave beach provided a similar experience to the beach in Thailand without the crowds. From what I had read about Pha Rang Beach before visiting I expected hordes of tourists, garbage, and hawkers on the beach. Perhaps the time of year or because we visited early in the day, we found none of that. Just paradise.


Crappy Krabi

Back on the mainland (or so it felt like as Railay Beach is not on an island) we started to notice a trend. Krabi is not as warm and inviting as the rest of Thailand. It also lacked a lot of the things I love about Koh Tao. I couldn’t walk 10 feet without being harassed to take a tour to “the beach” and it started to take its toll, warranted or not.

Rainy Days

Lastly on why I decided to pass on the beach in Thailand was the downpour of rain we had while in Krabi. We had lucked out with 3 solid sunny days in Railay but it clouded over after that. Although I’m using this as an excuse, I had already been convinced to pass on “the beach.”


Maybe your experience was different. I’m not a beach lover after all so that probably comes into play. That and Koh Tao and Koh Samui have spoiled me.

 Visiting the Beach in Thailand Good to Know

Getting there: Take 2 steps out of your Krabi area hotel and wait for someone to ask you.

What say you?
Thoughts on my pass on The Beach in Thailand?
Let’s hear it!

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  1. Avatarsays: KL

    I see the anti-male sentiment is so ingrained in the current generation that it has become second nature. Then again, this is the first generation that is lamer than the previous one..

  2. Avatarsays: Gemma @ gemmajaneadventures

    great Post, like anywhere beautiful that’s featured on a popular film it’s unsuprising that ‘the beach’ is crowded and not that pleasant. Personally, I think if a film inspires you to visit a place and the actual film location is really crowded, there is bound to be other amazing places really close by, it’s just that the one they chose was both beautiful, and right for filming on. Often a harder to reach place can be more beautiful, and way more secluded which adds to the whole tropical paradise feeling! 🙂

  3. Avatarsays: MyQLE.com

    The Beach sucks, but just as you’ve said, Phra Nang is AMAZING!!! My favorite beach in Thailand. Your photos are awesome, they’re all so epic!

    You’ve got to check out Railay Garden View next time.. the bungalows are simple but awesome

  4. Avatarsays: Chad Thompson

    Haha! I totally went to there and regretted it. It was great to see but it is crowded and the sounds of the boats coming and going kinda ruins it. Too bad but that’s how these places go once discovered.

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