Meet Körút

Meet Körút 1

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It has been a busy few months. I have written 2 eBooks, revamped and relaunched my blog, and written tons of travel articles for other sites. Phew. On top of that – I started a bag company with my girlfriend Erin. Double Phew. The last few weeks my travel blogging time has been taken over by getting ready for the launch of Körút Bag Company.

Meet Körút

The bag was born out of a need to comfortably (and stylishly) carry all that is required for Yoga…and life. Erin was finding she was carrying several bags to her hot yoga class as she needed to take her work stuff with her as well. She started to complain about back and neck pain and realized that all the benefits that yoga was giving her were being undone by the strain her bags were putting on her.

Detachable sack that can be used on its own Designed for yoga & life.

Custom colors
Custom colors

To tie it in with this travel site, the company has travelers roots as Erin and I met at a hostel in Budapest with the address of Körút #7. Plus if the Kickstarter campaign takes off we will be able to bring forward our exciting ideas and plans to expand the line to functional and fun looking travel backpacks. One idea being a bag that can easily carry a travel guitar – which is a personal need of myself and others that I have met along my travels!

Why Kickstarter? is a way for us to have our product pre-ordered while providing the funds required to get the company off the ground ie. kick-starting us.

Pending on the amount supported, backers will receive rewards ranging from cards, buttons, t-shirts, and custom bags, to private yoga and cross-fit lessons. Watch our video below and check out our kickstarter page for more details:

We have a very limited time to reach our goal so if this is something you would be interested in seeing get off the ground then please back us. Please share this as well as we need all the support we can get!

Affiliate Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Your support is highly valued and helps keep this site running! 🙏
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      I would love to but we are trying to get this company off the ground. I can definitely send you a button! Please share away!

    1. Avatarsays: shaun_robertson

      Thanks Christy! Please see our kickstarter page for details on how you can get one and do share the link!

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