Lufthansa A350-900 Business Class Review

On my return trip from Porto and Copenhagen, I had the awesome pleasure of flying Lufthansa business class home to Vancouver. 10-hours of German beer at 33,000 feet. What’s not to love? This is my Lufthansa A350-900 business class review.


Lufthansa’s flagship A350-900 began service between Munich and Vancouver May of 2018. This meant that on my Lufthansa A350-900 business class review I was one of the very first people to test it out. How does it rank? Let’s find out.

Lufthansa A350-900 Business Class Review – Seats

Although not pod seats, I was pleasantly surprised by the comfort and function of the seats in this LufthansaA350-900 business class review. What is lost in privacy is made up in practicality and experience.

Lufthansa A350-900 business class review

My seat was at the bulkhead so it’s possible this accounted for some extra room. Either way, I could sit with my legs crossed, up, and completely flat without touching the bulkhead in front of me.

Lufthansa A350-900 business class review

As well as being super roomy and comfortable, the seats have surprise compartments which made storing my laptop, notebook, headphones, accessory bag, shoes, and camera bag no problem. This meant I didn’t have to get up and access all these things in the overhead.

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Lufthansa A350-900 business class review

Lufthansa A350-900 Business Class Review – Service

On my Lufthansa business class review, I found service to be tops and rival Turkish Air as a favourite for me. Staff is attentive (calling me by my last name!), and always available to top up my Weizenbier or wine.

Amenities on this Lufthansa business class review also receives high marks. On top of the biggest pillows and warmest blanket on my business class experiences, the amenities pouch is full of goodies. The standards are there but the socks are a nice touch!

Another nice touch is the well-stocked serve-yourself snacks and drinks area…something I was only made aware of after my trip. My loss is your gain!

Lufthansa A350-900 Business Class Review – Food & Drink

Lufthansa A350-900 business class review

Although nothing will top Turkish Air food in my books, Lufthansa comes oh-so-close. The dinner menu included a choice of appetizer and main courses. On top of being tasty, the food is presented in an appetizing way, something I always appreciate at 33,000 feet.

Lufthansa A350-900 business class review
Lufthansa A350-900 business class review

Throughout the 10 hour journey, the staff came around with snacks as well as breakfast service before landing.

Lufthansa A350-900 Business Class Review – Entertainment

The in-flight entertainment consists of plenty of new release movies and TV shows as well as podcasts. The latter is a new-to-me feature as is the option to pair your own device through Bluetooth which is a nice touch. Another nice touch is the noise-cancelling headphones stored in the side seat compartment.

Lufthansa A350-900 Business Class Review – Worth the Reward Ticket Fees?

Lufthansa A350-900 business class review

For it service, seats, and food I would be happy to fly Lufthansa business class again in the future. This is, however, my only experience flying with them and the A350-900 is the best of the best. Other aircraft may not rank as high.

Also, it is a shame that they charge some of the highest taxes and fees when it comes to Aeroplan reward bookings, however, after my experience I can say is *almost worth it.

What say you?
Thoughts on this Lufthansa Business Class Review?
Let’s hear it!

Lufthansa A350-900 business class review

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So how does Lufthansa business class rank?

8 Seats
9 Service
9 Food & Drink
9 Entertainment
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