Turkish Air Business Class Review


On the fourth flight of my 9 business class flights for only $325 I go to my favourite city that’s straddles two continents – Istanbul. With just a short stop over (even shorter thanks to my EgyptAir flight delay) I had little time to check out the ridiculously awesome Turkish Airlines lounge. This brief visit made me expect big things for my Turkish Air business class review. Some expectations were surpassed, but not all.


Route: Istanbul to Vienna
Aircraft: Airbus 8320 – 200
Seats: 3A/C
Highlights: The food!.
Low lights: Legroom and entertainment.


By the time I sat down for this Turkish Air business class review I was beat. I had been traveling for over a day and although I was cozy in my EgyptAir lay flat seat on the way over, I was too excited to sleep. I was ready to collapse in a plush and spacious Turkish Air seat and pass the fudge out. You could imagine my disappointment when I found this.

Turkish Air Business Class Review

Turkish Air Business Class Review

Essentially, the Turkish Air business class seats on this flight are the same as the the Economy except the middle seat is blocked out.

Oh well. The food was what really sets this Turkish Air business-class review apart.


The similarities with the economy continued with the service. No inflight entertainment, power outlets, or USB to be found. The staff working, however, we’re by far the best I have met in the air. They offered hot towels (a first on this trip and much needed after traveling for 26 hours) and plenty of blankets and pillows to make the seat that much better.

Turkish Air Business Class Review

Food & Drink

This is where this Turkish Air business class review takes off. After two flights and 12+ hours dry with EgyptAir, Turkish Air had a selection of booze for me to sample.

And sample I did.

Turkish Air Business Class Review

Turkish Air Business Class Review

Then there was the food. By far the best I’ve had on any airplane. The desert alone is probably the best in the air. The meal made me more upset that my time at the Turkish Air lounge in Istanbul was cut short. It also kept me from sleeping the whole flight.


Although there was no in seat personal entertainment for this Turkish Air business class review, there was a movie playing on the shared TV and there were premium noise cancelling headphones to use. I promptly passed out after the meal service, even with the standard legroom.

Poor Shaun.


It may not have been the most spacious or entertaining flight, but the food and drink I had during this Turkish Air business class review was plenty to make me wish I was flying with them across the Atlantic instead of Swissair.

Prove me wrong Swissair, prove me wrong.

What say you?
Thoughts on this Turkish Air Business Class Review?
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So how does this Turkish Air Business Class Review rank?

8 Seats
10 Service
10 Food & Drink
7 Entertainment
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