Where to Stay in Porto – 7G Roaster Apartments Review

My recent (and amazing) trip to Porto almost didn’t happen. My travel partner cancelled last minute, leaving me to decide if I wanted to proceed on my own. While searching for reasons to go solo I happily stumbled on a 7g Roaster Apartments review which ended up selling me on the trip.

Read on for my 7g Roaster Apartments review and why it played a key role in getting me to Porto for the very first time.

What’s in a Name?

7g Roaster Apartments Review - Where to Stay in Porto

7g Roaster Apartments, simply put, is a collection of seven (7) new and modern apartments on the Gaia (g) side of Porto. What makes them truly unique is that they are above a coffee roaster and café. Cryptic when searching the interwebs, yes, but amazing when you piece it together!

When I stumbled upon the 7g Roaster Apartments online I was sold. This place was for me, especially as a solo travel writer. I like to search out unique and awesome accommodations in my travels and 7g Roster Apartments definitely ticks those boxes. Besides being a cosy looking place to crash, it’s above a hip coffee shop where I could easily catch up on work.

With this new find, I was excited to head to Porto on my own and even scheduled a couple extra down days to enjoy it and write this 7g Roaster Apartments review. No regrets!

Inside the 7g Roaster Apartments

It was love at first sight for this 7g Roaster Apartments review. I was staying on the third and top floor where you step directly off the elevator and into your room. Stepping inside I was immediately presented with the most amazing view of Porto complete with the Teleférico de Gaia cable cars passing by.

7g Roaster Apartments Review - Where to Stay in Porto

At Home in Porto.

7g Roaster Apartments Review - Where to Stay in Porto

Besides the amazing view, the 7g Roaster Apartments have a comfortable living space with satellite TV, and a kitchen set up with everything you need for a self-cook stay in Porto. Being above a coffee roaster, the kitchen also has a French press with included 7g Coffee and a scale for measuring out the perfect cup.


There is also handy recipe cards for you to try your hand at local favourites. So very smart.

7g Roaster Apartments Review - Where to Stay in Porto

The bathroom is spacious and modern with wood and cement finishing. The loft bed bedroom offers the very same great views of Porto as the living space with the added bonus of two cocoon-like swinging chairs.

This place is heaven.

7g Roaster Apartments Review - Where to Stay in Porto

7g Roaster Apartments Review - Where to Stay in Porto

My first morning of this 7g Roaster Apartments review was incredible. With fresh coffee in hand, I softly swung in the cacoon chair and watched the early morning fog slowly lift off the Douro river, revealing the red-tiled houses of Porto one by one. It was one of my favourite moments from a trip filled with many.

7g Roaster Apartments Review - Where to Stay in Porto

Inside the 7g Roaster Café

7g Roaster Apartments Review - Where to Stay in Porto

Downstairs in the café, breakfast is served up with hip music and baristas handcrafting coffee drinks. The included breakfast was more than enough to keep me moving in the morning and well into the afternoon. Yoghurt, ham and cheese with a croissant and toast paired with freshly squeezed juice and your preferred coffee drink.

Again, this place is heaven.

Gaia Location

7g Roaster Apartments Review - Where to Stay in Porto

Besides being a modern and comfortable apartment above a great café and coffee roaster, the 7g Roaster Apartments location is its best asset. When I first looked at accommodation options in Porto I didn’t look beyond the old town. That was until I found a 7g Roaster Apartments review praising its Gaia location. I was so glad to be on the Gaia side as it:

  1. offers the best views of Porto
  2. is quieter with fewer tourists staying there
  3. is home to Porto’s famous port wine cellars

The 7g Roaster Apartments are quietly tucked one block off the main pedestrian street that runs along the Douro river and therefore is close to many great restaurants and street side bars. It is also near the new Mercado Beira-Rio which is surprising less touristy than I thought it would be. There is also a large supermarket within a five-minute walk making it easy to stock up on apartment essentials.

7g Roaster Apartments Review - Where to Stay in Porto

Lastly on why the 7g Roaster Apartments Gaia location is great is the fact that it forces you to cross the Douro river anytime you want to visit the old town. This meant multiple crossings of the amazing Dom Luís I Bridge, something I never tired of.

If the hike up is too much you there is the cable car or you can also take the lower bridge and ride the funicular up on the other side. Alternatively, there is a water taxi that goes straight across to Ribeira Square.

Bottom line is you have plenty of options to get to and from this awesome location, all of which are an experience in their own right.

Stay here.

Seriously. I am already planning a return to Porto and will definitely be staying here again. Also note, I was not sponsored for this 7g Roasters Apartment review. I just really, really love it. If you love great coffee, wine, and modern and comfortable accommodations you will too.

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7g Roaster Apartments Review - Where to Stay in Porto


Heading to Portugal? Do you love coffee & wine? Then this is for you. Read on for my 7g Roaster Apartments Review for my pick on where to stay in Porto.

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