Aeroplan Black Friday Bonus Points and eStore Strategy

Is your Aeroplan account in need of a boost? Check out these Aeroplan Black Friday deals along with my tips on how to earn big this year and beyond!

Aeroplan‘s eStore just announced their Black Friday promotions and once again, there are some serious points to be had. With some coordinated spending paired with a little patience, this time of year can land you a healthy chunk of points.

Here’s my breakdown on this year‘s deals along with my own spending plan and target earned miles.

Aeroplan eStore Black Friday Bonus Points

For those new to Aeroplan or my site, clicking though Aeroplan’s eStore is a great way to earn bonus points just by shopping. To earn, simply log into your Aeroplan account on the eStore website then click through any of the partner stores and shop. Once you complete a purchase your account will be credited with bonus points. It takes a little extra effort but can land you up to 10 times the Aeroplan points!

These promotions aren’t limited to Black Friday so, no matter the time of year, if you aren’t clicking through the Aeroplan eStore before shopping online you may be leaving a lot of points on the table. With a wide range of partners including Amazon, Apple, and the Hudson Bay Company, chances are what you were shopping for can be found here.

2021 Aeroplan Black Friday eStore Promotions

Highlights from this year’s Aeroplan eStore Black Friday deals include the following;

  • – 3x points
  • – 5x points
  • – 10x points
  • The Bay – 7x points
  • Sephora – 8x points
  • Dell – 5x points
  • Sportchek – 4x points
  • Telus – 1,500 bonus points

Click through the image or here for the full list of 2021 Black Friday deals.

These promotions are valid now until November 30th. Note Apple’s promotion is only valid between November 26th and 29th. Also note, most stores have exemptions so be sure to read the fine print of each promo. For example, Apple often excludes its latest products.

Aeroplan Branded Credit Card

We all know that Aeroplan credit cards sign-up bonuses offer the most lucrative bonus points. Using them, especially around this time of year, can also add a lot of points.

Aeroplan eStore Black Friday 2021 Credit Card Deal

Aeroplan branded credit card purchases made between November 25th and 29th through the Aeroplan eStore nets you a bonus of 5 times the points! Although nice on its own, paired with the store promotions, you can now earn up to 15 times the points! Then there is the normal everyday bonus Aeroplan credit card holders get of 1.25 points bringing this to 16.25 times the points!

Aeroplan Elite Status Bonus Points

Those that have achieved Aeroplan Elite status can also benefit from Black Friday deals simply by buying products that are already on sale.

Elite Status 2021 Bonus Offer

Elite Status members also benefit with 2 times the points on all purchases made through the eStore now until November 30th. This now brings up your potential bonus points to a combined 18.25 times the points!

Other Aeroplan Black Friday Deals

This time of year is also great to purchase your Christmas gifts or book a flight for a future date. Air Canada and Aeroplan have a few other notable deals this time of year to consider including flights up to 20% off, vacation packages up to 40% off, and a bonus of 1,000 points just by setting up a Starbucks reward account and making a $10 purchase by December 12th, 2021.

The best deal of the non-eStore lot is a 5 times bonus on Air Canada gift cards $751 or more. These can then be turned around and used to pay for discounted flights now or saved for future travel. I intend to set one aside to pay for upgrades and Aeroplan redemptions taxes, something I would be out of pocket later anyway.

Note: Air Canada gift cards are not eligible for credit card bonus points.

Putting It All Together

Black Friday has now become the time of year where I spend on big ticket items and things that I generally need. It’s a great time to not only save but, as outlined above, score big Aeroplan bonus points. It also ties into my Aeroplan credit card strategy (more to come on that) by hitting the bonus minimum spend limits. This type of manufactured spending take some patients but those that follow will definitely reap the rewards…literally.

My Aeroplan Black Friday 2021 Strategy

For my 2021 Black Friday strategy I have a few big ticket items to purchase. This includes a new MacBook Air (my 2019 MacBook Pro conveniently just died) an upgrade to my camera along with a new lens, a new Dyson vacuum, and some clothes.

I also noticed an interesting bonus offer of 1,500 points for anything purchased through the Telus online store. After some digging past their TV and Internet, I stumbled on some inexpensive accessories and may pick up an Apple Air Tags for $40 or a phone case for $70. This will net me 1,500 points plus eStore credit card and Elite status bonuses for the purchase.

After looking for the best prices combined with bonus deals here is what I’m looking at for this year;

ItemStorePriceeStore BonusCredit Card PointsCredit Card BonusElite BonusTotal Bonus xPoints Earned
ClothesThe Bay$1007 1.25 5215.251,525
ClothesFrank/Oak$1007 1.25 5215.25 1,525
GlassesClearly$1005 1.25 5213.25 1,325
ShoesSportchek$1004 1.25 5212.25 1,225
Air TagTelus$401,500 1.25 528.251,750
Gift CardAir Canada$7515 1.25 0053,755
Total Points:64,455

In total, all of this combined with the Aeroplan eStore bonus points, Aeroplan branded card bonus points, and Elite status bonus, I am looking at raking in 64,455 points for $5,191 spent. Not bad for things that I genuinely was going to buy anyways.


As you can see, leveraging a little bit of crafty spending and eStore bonuses, you can top up your account fast. The best part? This is an annual event! Last year I scored a ton of points as well as the year previous so, going forward, I will update this post each year with current deals and my plan. I will also update each year with the actuals as points are added to your account 4 to 6 weeks after purchase.

For those interested in doing the same, remember, the plan really starts much earlier with a list of items you might want as well as signing up for those Aeroplan credit card bonuses and then waiting until Black Friday to make your purchases.

Happy travels and happy shopping all!

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