Great Vacation Spots for Coffee Lovers

For coffee aficionados, heading to a foreign land and really taking in the surroundings with a fresh cup is heaven. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best vacation spots for coffee lovers.

Paris, France

First up on this list of vacation spots for coffee lovers is Paris, France, simply for the experience. How many movies have you seen where the female protagonist looks like she stepped out of the cover of Vogue with a chic outfit, perfectly cloudless weather, and the bustling people of this cultured city milling around her?

This is your chance to experience this carefully curated picture in-person by heading to the capital of France. While Paris isn’t known for producing its own coffee beans, the ambience of their roadside cafes just can’t be beaten. Visiting this amazing city while sipping on your favourite drink is an unmatched experience. You can even enjoy a signature mug of French vanilla since you’re there.

Rome, Italy

Speaking of ambience and views, Rome, Italy is a place you can’t miss. The coffee culture in Italy is ever-present with quaint cafes lining their streets. Italians are lovers of strong coffee, so don’t just order milk-based drinks – try the darker brews they have to offer!

In the lanes and on the streets of Italy, you can sightsee and rub imaginary shoulders with the likes of Goethe and Lord Byron along with other famous poets, composers, artists and philosophers throughout history. 

Seattle, Washington, USA

For the experience and the history, Seattle, Washington is a must-visit destination for coffeephiles. This rainy city of the Pacific Northwest is the birthplace of Starbucks. It’s no surprise that native Seattleites view coffee as a necessary part of their day. The very first Starbucks is located in Pike Place Market and should be on your list.

That said, it’s important to not let Starbucks overshadow all the other small boutique coffee shops that Seattle has to offer. As for the sights, grab your favorite concoction and walk by the sea at Fishermen’s Terminal and Waterfront Park.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

How to Prepare Vietnamese coffee 3

Our next stop on this list of vacation spots for coffee lovers takes us to Asia. As coffee addicts ourselves, we strongly suggest trying Vietnamese coffee if you haven’t. District 1 in Ho Chi Minh City is also littered with small to large coffee shops that serve up cold to hot brews.

There are different layers to Vietnamese coffee, literally. Usually, a layer of sweet condensed milk on the bottom, which is what we love. Again, it’s easy to allow the main attraction to take away from what other types of coffee have to offer, so don’t forget to try them all!

Taipei, Taiwan

This next destination may be a bit surprising, but just hear us out. Taipei, Taiwan is known for nightmarkets and delicious and savory foods. You won’t go hungry on the streets of Taipei as every turn you make will place you face to face with a restaurant or bistro specializing in local and international cuisines. The same can be said about the coffee shops.

Taipei places a lot of importance on aesthetics, so each and every coffee boutique has different elements and themes to offer. From the international Starbucks to local classy franchises like Smith & Hsu, to more prevalent and affordable chains like Cama Coffee, which roasts and grinds their own beans, Taipei, Taiwan is a coffee destination gem in Asia.

They even have places that allow you to partake in the brewing, but make sure you don’t attempt it without our coffee brewing guides.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

 We can’t have a coffee destination list without mentioning the coffee producing giant of Brazil. Brazil has actually been one of the largest coffee producers in the world. Specializing in Robusta and Arabica coffee, we’re calling all coffee addicts to head on over to this exotic country for a taste of the real thing.

Bali, Indonesia

Kopi Luwak in Bali

Indonesia is also a large producer of coffee. Coffee aficionados will have heard of Sumatran, Java, and even the premium Kopi Luwak coffee. If you haven’t tried the latter, we highly suggest giving it a go without further research into how it’s made.

We’ll give you a hint though, it has something to do with animal waste. Aside from the unconventional creation of the most expensive coffee in the world, Indonesia has a very rich coffee culture and has lots to offer aside from the coffee such as exceptional views and a tropical spas. 

Istanbul, Turkey

Last up on this list of vacation spots for coffee lovers is home to Turkish coffee. Strong and full-bodied, Turkish coffee is great for drinkers who like strong brews. Aside from the beverage, Turkey is also a wealthy country in terms of culture and traditions. 

Any coffee shop there is can give you a deeper understanding into the difference in taste and aroma. You can even try the coffee with their Fincan porcelain cups, which could elevate the taste.


Caffeine lovers have endless destinations to visit around the globe when chasing that perfect cup of brew. Don’t forget to try what’s local to the country you’re in and bring back a pack or two if you find something you like! Part of enjoying coffee is to also take in the culture around you and appreciating what the world has to offer. So snap a selfie, take a sip of Kopi Luwak and live your best life.  

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