4 Singapore Cocktail Bars Almost Worth the Price.

Singapore Cocktail Bars

Finding an overpriced drink in Singapore is as easy as ordering a drink in Singapore. To pay $20 plus for a drink at Singapore cocktail bars is the norm. What isn’t normal is justifying the price. With that here are 4 Singapore cocktail bars that are almost worth a visit:

Library Bar

This hidden speakeasy is worth the price of the cocktails for the novelty alone. Even though it is conveniently located next to the Naumi Liora Hotel, my Singapore home, finding and getting into the hippest of all Singapore cocktail bars was a fun challenge. First, you have to locate it which is harder than it sounds as the storefront rotates. When I visited it was a scotch tasting room…which should have been a dead giveaway. It is also connected to (and a part of) the Study restaurant. Nevertheless, we awkwardly walked past and then sheepishly asked about the password. The only way you can get in is by deciphering the ever-changing phrase found on their Facebook page.

It felt like we were on the Amazing Race but with fewer contrasting contestants.

Singapore Cocktail Bars

Once we cracked the code we were led into a secret glass waiting room which then led to the coolest of all Singapore cocktail bars. Super hip, Super fun, and a lot like my time at please don’t tell in NYC.

Good to Know

Cocktail cost: S $22+
Why it’s almost worth the price: the novelty of finding and getting in, watching the bartender work.
Must try: honestly, the “Marry had a Little Lamb” wasn’t good… at all. Since that cost me $24 I didn’t try anything else.

Long Bar

I can honestly say I have never tried a Singapore Sling until visiting Singapore. After trying one at the Long Bar in the Raffles Hotel – home of the original Singapore sling, I can also say I will never try one again. When this super sweet booze concoction was created it was considered impolite and unladylike for a woman to have any alcohol so the creator, Ngiam Tong Boon, came up with a way for the ladies to enjoy a drink without looking like they were enjoying a drink. Very thoughtful…and smart. His potential customer base instantly increased by about 50%. Well played, Ngiam. Well played.

Still, a visit to one of the most touristy Singapore cocktail bars was interesting for the old world feel of the Raffles Hotel.

Good to Know
Cocktail cost: S $22+
Why it’s almost worth the price: Hells no! Stick to $12 beer unless you like super sweet, super expensive cocktails.
Must try: Again, I’m going to say what not to try – seasonal Singapore Slings made with different flavoured booze. The hangover comes for free!

Marina Bay Sands Skypark – CÉ LA VI

Next up is CÉ LA VI which is a more of a restaurant/lounge than cocktail bar. This, of course, doesn’t stop them from charging an arm and a leg for a drink. Why? The view:

Those not staying at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel can still enjoy the views from above. For around $20 visitors can take a separate elevator to the Skypark. What’s in this park you ask? Gift shop and a bar with really expensive drinks. That view though…

Singapore Cocktail Bars
Good to Know
Cocktail cost: S $20+ plus ~$20 to get to the Skypark
Why it’s almost worth the price: I am a sucker for a view and iconic spots so I say yes. If you pay $20 to get up you might as well pay $20 more to have a drink and enjoy it. We had two.
Must try: I stuck to beer and found a Japanese Sweet Potatoe Malt to be perfect on that hot Singapore day.

Level 33

Confession time. This brewery makes this Singapore cocktail bars list because I love craft beer and 33 is my lucky number. The fact that it is the world’s highest brewery and offers up some stunning Singapore views helps too.

Good to Know
Cocktail cost: S $22+
Why it’s almost worth the price: The beers nothing special and only made me miss my favourite craft brewery (33 acres) that much more. I will say that although the beer isn’t cheap, it’s a good alternative to the Marina Bay Sands as you don’t have to pay to get up. Plus you can watch the Marina Bay Sands light show from there.
Must try: The view…

Singapore Cocktail Bars Alternative

As mentioned, drinks in Singapore are expensive so having one at one of these bars at least gets you a view or some history as well. Those looking for culture and a drink on the cheap head to one of Hawker Centers or any street side restaurant not downtown or in the Marina. Pull up a tiny blue chair and enjoy a tall beer with some locals at a fraction of what you would pay at any of the above.

Singapore Cocktail Bars


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