There was a lot going on in Vancouver this weekend. A. Lot. Annual Kits days (also known as Khatsilano, a street festival with an insane number of bands, merchants, and sweet, delicious food trucks), the Van Doren Invitational – a pro bowlrider contest boasting a $75,000 prize purse, World Cup screenings all over town, and Folk Festival just to name a few.

But there was one event that was the real draw. One spectacular spectacle that simply could NOT be missed – one might even say it ‘begged’ for attention:

Vancouver’s Wiener Dog Race. Appropriately brought to you by Schenider’s. No Joke.


This intense 100-foot dash features 8 heats over the course of two days – with the winner from each heading to the final on Sunday. The prize is an incredible $2,500. That’s a lot of kibble.

It just so happened that good friends of ours, Kaz and Roxy, are the proud owners of a miniature dachshund named Abigail. And, serendipitously, they recently moved into a place right across the street from West Hastings Race Track – where this glorious event takes place.

Obviously Abbey was entered into the race and obviously, we were all going to be there to watch history made.

Team Abigail at the Vancouver Wiener Dog Race

There was some rigorous training leading up to the big day and when it was her turn at the gates, we were all feeling pretty good. Kaz happens to own a screen printing shop (True North Screen Printing) and made some amazing swag for Team Abbey to show their support. From trucker hats to beer cozies, Kaz put a wiener dog on it.

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When the gates opened she ran her tiny, stubby little legs off. Impressively, she didn’t get distracted by the other dogs or cheering crowd – she bee lined straight for Roxy, coming in a close second place for her heat. The winning wiener was only about a hot-dogs length ahead of her when they crossed the line and, turns out, was last years champion (not to mention had legs at LEAST twice as long). Impressive for Abbey’s rookie year.

Needless to say, training for 2015 has already started.

2014 Vancouver Wiener Dog Race Champ

Oh and it wasn’t just a Wiener Dog Race…

Obviously not a Wiener Dog Race


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