Parisians Do it Better – Why you Should Consider a Local Guide in Paris

Paris is hardly a secret. It’s a world-renowned destination that is widely considered the most romantic city in the world. That said, with over 80 million tourists each and every year it can feel anything but romantic. To ensure your visit is as magical as possible you should consider a local guide in Paris. Here’s why.

The Local Difference

On our last trip to Paris, we wanted to see the Palace of Versailles (hardly off the beaten trail, I know). This incredible estate was the principal royal residence of France from 1682, under Louis XIV, until the start of the French Revolution in 1789. The palace is now a UNESCO World Heritage site with such highlights as the Hall of Mirrors, rustic Hamlet (created for Marie Antoinette), a vast, patterned gardens dotted with incredible fountains. The Palace lost most of its furnishings following the French Revolution, but many of the original pieces have been returned and palace rooms have been completely restored. It is truly a spectacle of opulence.

Since this stop is one of the most visited sites in all of France, we didn’t give much thought to hiring a local guide in Paris. Mistake. Even though each turn revealed something new and beautiful, this sprawling estate quickly overwhelmed us. Ultimately we didn’t really know what we were looking at which made for a less-than-ideal visit.

Lesson learned – never underestimate the value of a locals perspective! We’ve recently discovered private tours on – a group of passionate, local experts that offer an amazing selection of different experiences. You can even experience Versailles like a true royal with their “Behind the scenes luxury tour

Finding a Local Guide in Paris

Whether you have been to Paris before or are there for the first time, having a local guide in Paris is key to a truly great visit. Localers can help you experience the sights, history, and culture in a truly unique way.

Not only does the Versaille experience sound incredible, they have loads of options. Whether you are travelling solo and maybe looking for something off the beaten track, with your family, or looking to see the city like a VIP, they have something for everyone.

Some of the options that really jump out at us include (descriptions per the Localers website):


Dramatic stories from the Nazi occupation. Get an unique perspective on this historical conflict over the course of a 3-hour tour. Highlights include the city’s Jewish quarter, the Holocaust Museum, and the Deportation Memorial. Going beyond simple facts and figures, your guide will paint a vivid picture of the period.


A flavour-packed expedition along the picturesque banks of a historic canal. FInd out where Parisians go to find the best cheese, charcuterie, wine, bread and pastries. Meet and experience the incredible fare of local merchants while you explore North Marais & Temple district, stroll along the picturesque Canal Saint Martin.


In this small group tour, you will retrace her life starting with her arrival at Versailles court in 1770 at the age of 14. Learn everything about Marie Antoinette’s extravagant past including the drama and secrets that surrounded her life. All of this while you explore some of Paris’ must-see sights including Place Vendôme and Opéra.


See the Louvre in a different light. Join a small group tour with an art expert by your side. In just 2 hours you’ll see a surprising side of art history. You’ll learn secrets behind Da Vinci, the ancient Greeks, and the Italian Renaissance in a relaxed an uncrowded atmosphere.

And the list goes on. Check out Localers and find out how a local guide in Paris can make all the difference for your time in one of the most incredible places in France.

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