Yotel Istanbul Airport Landside Hotel Review

On a lengthy stopover between Panama City and Tbilisi, Georgia, I stayed at the Yotel Istanbul Airport landside hotel. This made for an easy connection however, as I found, there are better options at the Istanbul airport depending on how you are travelling.

This is my Yotel Istanbul Airport landside hotel review along with my thoughts on when you should and should not book a stay there.

Where is the Yotel Istanbul Airport Landside Hotel Located?

As the name suggests, this Yotel Istanbul Airport hotel is located on the landside as opposed to the airside. This means it is at the airport before security. This may seem obvious but it’s important to note as there is an airside Yotel Hotel at Istanbul airport as well. The added convince there is that you do not have to clear customs if you are arriving on an international flight. That convenience does come at a cost as the airside hotel is pricer.

The Yotel Instanbul Airport Landside hotel is located at airport entrance #7 at the end of check-in counter “R.”

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Yotel Istanbul Airport Landside Hotel Check-In

After my comfortable flight from Panama, I cleared customs in a matter of minutes and made my way to the hotel. There are signs throughout the massive departure level pointing you in the right direction.

Still, as I found at check-in, this isn’t clear for all. The guest in front of me booked the airside hotel and somehow found himself past customs and security and at the landside hotel.

After the staff pointed the lost guest in the right direction, I was checked in within minutes and off to my room.

What Are the Yotel Istanbul Airport Guestrooms Like?

In a word, purple.

I get having a colour pallet but I was pretty surprised to find the purple glow in the lobby and halls come to a climax in the guest rooms. Thankfully, there are controls when you can adjust this to any colour, including white. I suspect the colour options are there as rooms have little to no natural light. This is great for getting sleep but can also be pretty disorienting, especially when dealing with jetlag.

Pink and purples aside, the rooms at the Yotel Istanbul Airport landside hotel are well equipped. There are well-thought-out outlets to charge your accessories, something I always appreciate. The Premium Plus King and was unexpectantly large – I assumed this would be more of a pod given the hotel location but no. Plenty of room to stretch out there.

The bed was large and comfortable and there is a small desk, again, with charging outlets. There’s also a large flat-screen TV with easy options to connect your own device for streaming your favourite content.

The bathroom is separated by a bench and sink area. The shower and toilet are in two separate rooms with frosted glass doors. This area also includes thought-out space for your luggage as well as hanger space should you choose to unpack a little.

What Amenities Does the Yotel Istanbul Airport Hotel Have?

Although this is an airport hotel, there are a few amenities to point out.


Thanks to the jetlag, I was awake at 0600 so I made use of the hotel’s gym. I was about to spend a week eating khinkali in Georgia so I needed the activity. Turns out, the gym was huge and well-appointed with both cardio machines and weights.

Lobby Bar and Restaurant

In the lobby, you will find a sizable lounge and restaurant area. Since I was beat I did not check this space out or try the food. I also had access to the Turkish Air lounge so I ate there the following day.

Yotel Istanbul Airport Alternatives

As mentioned, there is an airside Yotel location at the Istanbul airport as well. This is perfect for those that do not want to fuss with customs, visas, and security getting back to the airside of the terminal.

That said, looking at rates, the airside hotel is, understandably, more expensive.

For me, I needed a Tukey visa anyway as I was going to be visiting Antalya on the backend of my trip. Tukey visas are good for multiple entries over 6 months so might as well get some value out of it. I was also travelling business class so getting through security wasn’t a concern.

Still, as I would later find at the Turkish Airlines lounge, had I booked myself on an earlier flight to Tbilisi, I would have been eligible for one of their napping rooms. With showers and plenty of food included with access to the lounge, this would have been a comfortable and free-to-me option. I suggest thinking about lounge options if you are flying business class or holding status with one of the major airlines.

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Yotel – Rest Easy

If you are travelling through Istanbul and don’t want to leave the airport, Yotel is a great option. Although way too purple in my opinion, it is conveniently located, comfortable, and spacious.

What say you?
Thoughts on this Yotel Instanbul Airport Hotel Review?

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Yotel Istanbul Airport Landside Hotel ReviewYotel Istanbul Airport Landside Hotel Review
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