Singapore Airlines Business Class Review – A350-900 SIN To SFO

After a surprisingly cramped Singapore Airlines A330 Business Class Review between Male and Singapore I was fearful that I was in for 14 hours of the same on my next leg. Thankfully, and to my surprise, I was flying on a brand new A350-900 with the best business class service I have experienced to date. This is my Singapore Airlines Business Class Review, Singapore to San Fran in a brand new A350-900.

Singapore Airlines Business Class Review Details

Route: Singapore to San Francisco
Aircraft: A350-900
Seat: 14D
Highlights: Surprise lay flat seats!
Low lights: Not realizing the seats lay flat sooner!


As noted in my Singapore Airlines A330 Business Class Review, the service is amazing but the seats are dated. The worst part is the awkward and cramped foot cubby for your feet. After a sleepless 12-hour layover in Singapore exploring nearby Hawker Markets and reviewing the SilverKris Lounge, I was ready to crash. Hard.

So you can imagine my pleasant surprise when I spied our plane for the first time and realized it was a brand new A350-900.

Singapore Airlines Business Class Review | A350-900 SIN to SFO

With expectations of the interior now high, I frantically searched for a Singapore Airlines business class review of the A350-900. Despite being steps away, I was too excited to wait to see for myself. In the end, patience won out as my results pulled nothing. Erin, my travel partner, was arguably more excited than me and asked what it was going to be like. This is saying a lot because A) she doesn’t love to fly and B) business class is pretty much my Disneyland.

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So like two giddy children on Christmas morning, we waited. Unlike two giddy children on Christmas morning, we had priority boarding. No breakfast before opening gifts first here!

Along with the brand new cabin comes the most spacious business class seat I have experienced to date. Large plush seats with no shortage of room to stretch out and plenty of storage space for all my travel essentials.  The seatbelt even has a freaking airbag! Although this has a weird and morbid feel to it (like confirming the 99% are better than you), I wasn’t mad at it. This is my Disneyland.

Turn Down Service at 35,000 feet.

Although I tried to last as long as I could to soak up all that is this Singapore Airlines business class review, the lack of sleep and cocktails caught up with me. To my surprise, the seat only went so far when I tried to lay it flat. This was a complete shock given it is a brand new product however I was too tired to fight it and dozed off. This was short-lived as Erin woke me with her laughter. I look over to see what the commotion is about and find our helpful attendant fully making her bed.

Of course, these seats lay flat! What threw me is they fold backwards instead of stretching out. This reveals a thin mattress complete with bedding and the biggest pillows in the air.

And yes, it is as amazing as it looks.

Service & Amenities

Turndown aside, service on this Singapore Airlines business class review is also best in class. The staff is beyond helpful and always there to top up your drink. There was no off button to the latter. I never had to ask, it was just implied that another was coming.

An amenities pouch with hand lotion and lip balm is waiting for you at your seat along with an eye mask, socks, and slippers.

The bathroom on this Singapore Airlines business class review is also one of the nicest I have experienced. On top of being kept fresh throughout the flight, and amenities drawer is kept well-stocked. This included toothbrushes, razors, and a rejuvenating facial mist that is now a must-have for my flights.

Food & Drink

Another carryover from my Singapore Airlines A330 business class review is how good the food is. That said, similar to everything else on this leg, the food and drink service is next level.

First off, the menu reads like a novel with a massive wine and spirit list. I had to have a cocktail just to get through it!

A Singapore Sling only seems fitting.

Second, portions of the meal service are prepared tableside. Again, this is something I had yet to experience and is a nice touch. So much so that it made Erin overlook that her chicken sauté was a little on the rare side…

Singapore Airlines Business Class Review | A350-900 SIN to SFO

The tableside service continues with dessert selections. Again, this is at 35,000 feet. Singapore Airlines does not use this as an excess to skimp on the service.

Singapore Airlines Business Class Review | A350-900 SIN to SFO

Lastly, on why Singapore Airlines food and drink service is the best out there is the quality of meals they serve up. Highlights for me include Hawker Market-style Chicken Rice, a high end take on dim sum and one helluva cheese plate!


Even before taking off I was sold on the entertainment system in this Singapore Airlines business class review. Besides having a massive screen and system with tons of great movies, they have games you can play with other passengers. What’s not to love about Battleship and Singapore Slings while you wait for other passengers to board?

Battleship and large screens aside, the entertainment on this Singapore Airlines business class review also gets top honours for its remote. I typically don’t use the remotes in business class however this one is super functional with a responsive touch screen. That and the touchscreen on the actual set is too far away to reach from your seat.

Again, this is how the 99% fly…

Other things to love include the comfortable noise-cancelling headsets and the fact that the media catalogue includes full series. This means you can binge-watch a season or two if you are connecting on another Singapore Airlines flight like I was.

Singapore Airlines Business Class Review Conclusion

There you have it. My Singapore Airlines business class review of their brand new A350-900. Clearly, this is my vote for the top business class product in the air for its food, service, and surprise lay flatbeds. What’s more impressive is it passes the Erin test. So much so that she did not disembark 14-hours later.

I certainly can’t fault her as it also means the end of an amazing trip through Asia and the final business class leg. At least we saved the best for last!

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Singapore Airlines Business Class Review | A350-900 SIN to SFO

What say you?
Thoughts on this Singapore Airlines Business Class Review?
Let’s hear it!

Singapore Airlines Business Class Review | A350-900 SIN to SFO
Singapore Airlines Business Class Review | A350-900 SIN to SFO

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So how does this Singapore Airlines business class review rank?

10 Seats
10 Service
10 Food & Drink
10 Entertainment
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