Fun with Coffee in Singapore


As noted in my post on Singapore Cocktail Bars that are worth the price, in this city, finding value is key. A drink here is going to cost you. Might as well make the most of it. Same goes for coffee in Singapore. Thankfully there are some quirky places to do so. With that here are my 3 favourite places to have fun with coffee in Singapore.

#Selfie Coffee

Even though I can’t stand the selfie-stick epidemic, a coffee shop that puts your face on your latte had me intrigued.


Although pricey and the coffee was kind of shit (the milk was thick frosting, guessing so the image can print on it) the novelty of drinking your face was worth the visit.

Where to find this unique coffee in Singapore:

Cat Cafe Neko no Niwa

I’ve always been curious by the idea of cat cafés. So when I had a chance to have coffee in Singapore with some feline friends I didn’t hesitate.


Even though I shared many a coffee in other Asian cities while stray cats sickly strolled by, this was different. For one, you actually want to pet these rescued animals. Although not the most playful kittens ever, they were a hell of a lot friendlier than those six-toed assholes in Key West Florida.

Where to find this unique coffee in Singapore:

Tong Ah Eating House

Last up on this fun with coffee in Singapore list is the Tong Ah Eating House. You won’t find selfies or kittens here, just really great coffee and uniquely Singapore breakfast. For XXX years, Tong Ah Eating House has been serving up thick coffee with condensed milk alongside super soft eggs and steam buns.While staying at the historic Naumi Liora Hotel I got to enjoy this Singapore coffee shop along with plenty of locals. On the weekend I visited it was queued up each morning. The breakfast and coffee there is that good.



Where to find this unique coffee in Singapore:


What say you?
Thoughts on these unique places to have coffee in Singapore?
Let’s hear it!

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    I love the cat cafes! Such a great idea. They give a home for unwanted cats and people get to enjoy their company. win win.

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