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A coffee making tour is comprised of prominent places or countries in the world that have a hand in coffee. For this tour, we’re going to take you around the world to visit the birthplaces of different types of coffee. Hopefully, this will give you some insight on how to make it correctly in your own home.

Istanbul, Turkey

Our first destination is Istanbul, Turkey, the birthplace of Turkish coffee. Turkish coffee is robust and full-flavoured and just a tad sweet. When making or ordering Turkish coffee, indicate your sweetness preference and make sure you swirl the coffee cup before each sip to blend the flavour.

This is probably one of the only times we will advise you not to drink every last drop because all the coffee grounds will be sitting at the bottom. You don’t want to spoil a sweet and delightful experience with a mouthful of bitterness.

As the birthplace of Turkish coffee, there are a lot of coffee and tea tours available, some of which even issue a certificate after the coffee-making workshop!

Bogota, Columbia

Next, let’s visit the birthplace of Columbian coffee in Bogota. Coffee from South America tends to be very aromatic thanks to their natural climate conditions. As a contributor to one of the most famous types of coffee in the world, it’s no surprise that the country has a lot of coffee making tours to offer from bean to brew. 

In these tours, you can have a hands-on experience from picking and sorting the beans to the roasting, grinding and finally enjoying the delectable cup of coffee that you created with your own two hands. Being so involved in the process allows you more appreciation for the unseen efforts that are behind every sip.

Rome, Italy

How could we forget the birthplace of espresso? We can all thank Italy for the small picker-uppers, the shot of energy we have all come to rely on in modern times. Of course, you can learn all about the dark and flavorful roast by embarking on a tour lead by a local guide.

Italians love dark coffee and won’t really order milk-based drinks later than brunchtime. When enjoying espresso from the native land, you will appreciate the delicate porcelain cups which can enhance the flavours. As many coffee lovers agree, drinking the perfect cup isn’t just about the taste, but the experience as well. So don’t forget to take a break and look around and relish what it has to offer.


Florida Eats 6

Aloha from the island state! Our next stop is the tropical paradise of Hawaii, home of Kona coffee. Kona coffee beans are grown in Mauna Loa, Big Island or Hualalai, so you would need to stay in these places to get the full tour. A tour on the Kona coffee plantation can give you the whole experience taking the coffee from bean to brew.


Kopi Luwak in Bali

Indonesia is responsible for Sumatran, Java, and Kopi Luwak coffee (the most expensive coffee in the world) among many others. Although all are available across the country, head to Bali if you are looking for a proper vaction with your coffee tour.

Of course, there are many coffee plantations that give coffee tours and show you the early processes of your favourite beans before they get shipped to your local supermarket or coffee shop. 


How to Prepare Vietnamese coffee 5

The birthplace of ingenious Vietnamese coffee, this jungly nation is the second-largest producer of coffee in the world. Their very own style of coffee is extra sweet, utilizing sweet condensed milk as a sweetener. Although it may not taste like it thanks to the condensed milk off-setting the strong flavour, Vietnamese coffee has very high caffeine content. 

Make sure you make stops in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city to get a coffee tour from local guides. Discover how to brew coffee and how the dripping process contributes to the end flavour. 

Seattle, Washington, USA

We can’t forget about the birthplace of Starbucks! This rainy city is also home to the most caffeine drinkers in the US and is at the top of the list for coffee consumption. The original Starbucks is located in Pike Place Market, and it’s still in operation. How many people do you know can brag that they had a cup of coffee from the very first Starbucks?

Beyond the coffee, you can get to know the brewing process and immerse yourself in the coffee culture of the Pacific Northwest by signing up for a local coffee tour that can give you a hands-on experience.


 After rainy weather, we’re sure you’re itching for some sun in humid and tropical Jamaica, which also happens to be the origin of Blue Mountain Coffee. Blue Mountain coffee requires a high annual rainfall, which the mountains in Jamaica provide in abundance. The precipitation leaves the beans with less bitterness and the flavour won’t be overpowering. 

Of course, you can’t visit Jamaica without taking a local coffee tour.


Many coffee aficionados are experts at enjoying the drink but don’t understand the painstaking efforts behind every single bean. Coffee is so much more than something you rely on to start your day. There is actually an entire culture behind the production. 

A coffee making tour can give you a closer look at what impacts the taste of the coffee. Also, how different climates yield different flavours, and of course, the methods in the brewing process. To understand more about the processes and different types of coffee, check out Provender Coffee’s Youtube channel for more information.

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