Why You Should Take a Guided Tour of Australia (Yes Australia)

Australia. A land so big it is both a country and a continent. It is full of wonderfully unique things to see and do that you just can’t experience anywhere else. Despite its massive size, it’s population is concentrated to the coasts. In the middle, a vast arid land full of spiders that can kill you…and one large, red rock.

So how does one tackle such a spread out and hash country? You could go it alone, renting (or buying) a beater of a car and heading for the Outback. That route, although a popular one, can be dangerous. Serious thought and preparation are needed for any trip into the outback. This includes packing plenty of water, emergency supplies, and knowing the distances between gas stations…not to mention what spiders are friendly and which are foe.

If all of this sounds a bit daunting, a guided tour of Australia just might be your thing.

A Guided Tour of Australia? Really?


Now if you are a westerner you may think that guided tours should be reserved for countries that feel unsafe, foreign, and have language barriers. Australia, for me at least, does not tick any of these boxes. Egypt? You bet. Australia? Not so much.

So why should you consider a guided tour of Australia? Let’s break it down.

You Will Save Time

The biggest reason to book a guided tour of Australia versus going it alone is the time you will save. As noted above, if you are venturing into the Outback you need to meticulously plan it out. You will have to sort out your own route, accommodations, and activities. Given Australia’s size, this is no small task.

Booking a guided tour of Australia means the details are sorted out for you. All you have to do is meet your Australian guide. Everything from there is planned out for you.

You Will Cover More

A Photo Walk Along 12 Apostles

My road trip down under was great, however, looking back, it was a lot of driving and a little sightseeing. Sure, I saw possibly the world’s largest potato in a town of my same name (or turd depending who you ask) but completely missed out on the Outback and the Gold Coast. It was just too far and tiring to cover on my own.

Canberra or Canboring? Let's Find out. 1

Going on a guided tour of Australia means you can sit back, relax and enjoy the seemingly endless scenery go by. Although this may include more really big things (Australia is, for some reason, known for this), a guided tour will take you to all of the highlights on your list with little effort on your part. Routes are crafted by travel specialists and tour managers are on hand to share a locals perspective and share insider tips.

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You Will Meet Other Travellers (or not)

Touring The Great Ocean Road

Sometimes the best part of travelling somewhere new is sharing the experience with others. On a guided tour of Australia, you can tackle the country as a group and make new friends and memories that will last a lifetime.

Or not.

Although big bus tours are available in Australia, this isn’t necessarily what I am talking about here. Companies like Distant Journeys offer small group tours with plenty of time allotted to explore on your own. This is the perfect mix of taking a private tour and group tour.  

You Will Travel in Comfort

Taking a guided tour of Australia also ensures you are safe, secure, and comfortable. Accommodations are vetted and carefully selected meaning no subpar surprise stays along the way.

Seeing Sydney – A Photo Walk Around Australia's Largest City

Now there is nothing saying that you can’t travel on your own in comfort and style, however, you may pay more for it as opposed to taking a guided tour of Australia. Established tour companies are able to negotiate better rates with their trusted partners. Distant Journeys Wonders of Australia tour, for example, not only have you staying at some of the countries best hotels but also gets you to Uluru rock in style aboard Australia’s high-end train experience – The Ghan.

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Cover it All

With the vast landscape and spread out highlights, taking a guided tour of Australia is a great way to see it all in a comfortable, informative, and cost-effective way. From the beaches of the Gold Coast to the city sights of Sydney and the overwhelming emptiness of the Outback, covering Australia on a guided tour ensures you get a diverse experience of this truly unique nation.  You may even see a big thing or two along the way 😉

What say you?
Thoughts on taking a Guided Tour of Australia?
Let’s hear it!

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