Discover Four Essential Markets in Ibiza

Located about 150 miles off the coast of Valencia is the Mediterranean island of Ibiza.  It’s famous for its dance music scene and the vibrant culturally enriched lifestyle it affords.  The island provides everything for the person who wants to party all night, to the person who wants to relax with a chilled glass of something cold and watch the sunset.

As well as this contrast the island also has some fantastic markets to suit all tastes.  With this in mind let’s take a look at the markets that are popular with locals and travellers.

Las Dalias Market

Mercadilo Las Dalias is a market for the nocturnal.  Open only at night, it is often a meeting point for the islands vast army of clubbers.  Homemade jewellery and clothing can be found in abundance and live music is often played as the market-goers shop.

Like most Ibiza markets it is open on certain days and times of the year.  You can find it near the village of San Carlos on Monday, Tuesday, from June to September and in August it is up and running on Sunday too.

San Rafael Artisan Market

In the village of Rafael, you will find the Mercado artisanal de San Rafael, the only dedicated ceramics with traditional and contemporary designs market on the island.  It is open between 6 – 11.30 pm from June to September.

As well as ceramics you will find other artisan-made handicrafts and fruit from the local orchard.

San Juan Market

If you travel to the centre of San Juan you will find the mercadillo dominical de San Juan.  The market is open all year on Sundays between 10 am to 4 pm.

The market sells locally made food and eco-friendly toiletries with a strong emphasis on natural products.   Year on year the market has grown in popularity to the point where live music is often played as locals and tourists browse and shop.

Forada Market

If you want a market off the beaten track then Mercadillo de Forada is for you.  It’s on the  San Antonio, San Rafael and Santa Agnes road, and is in front of Can Tixedo Restaurant.

The market has a strong emphasis on organic and eco products and is put on by an eco-conscious cooperative.  Here, you will find a dazzling array of locally produced organic food, eco-friendly cosmetics and toiletries, together with arts and craft products made by local artists.

The market is open all year round and runs every Sunday, from 10 am-4 pm.

Getting Around Ibiza

Balearic Island has a good comprehensive road network and many opt to get around by scooter. This is arguably the ideal way to see the markets and other attractions Ibiza offers.  The small nimble vehicles are not only practical but as you ride from town to town, the feel of the wind and the smell of the sea give you a feeling of freedom.

You do not have to bring your own bike as scooter rental in Ibiza can be found in abundance.  So get out on two wheels and enjoy the markets.

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