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When we think of visiting a country or a new place we don’t often consider excursions that are free, but why not? Why are these touring varieties not spoken of or considered taboo in communities? Evolution, evolving, and advancement are all aspects of change that we need to accept, embrace, and find a way to become a part of, and free tours are part of that change.

So before diving into this less than explored sector of the tourism industry, we need to understand the meaning, why this concept is taking off and increasing in popularity around the world, and what makes it better than the generic tours we know.

Free Tour.

While the name may suggest free there is much more to it. The ‘free’ part essentially refers to the fact that there is no demand or set price for the cost of the tour, and based on your experience and enjoyment of the excursion, you pay what you feel it was worth. It could be more than or even less than a traditional trip, but it will certainly be a personal choice.

With no obligation to pay (although this is hardly ever the case) you have the freedom to pay or tip the guide according to their efforts, which in these cases shows us just how much more work the tour guide has to put in. For each guide. Each time.

Their motivation is that much greater to put on a good show, to have added essential information for the tourists, and to be ready and capable to have answers to all and any questions the tourists may have.

The Plus Side

Many tour operators, and understandably so, may feel frustrated at this concept, but despite the popularity increases to grow, Guruwalk free tours have seen the potential, and the demand for this method is greater than ever before. People are more financially cautious, they want to know they are getting their money’s worth and if they do they will happily pay a premium for the service.

There are a whole host of beneficial elements to this new age sightseeing phenomenon, let’s see what the top comments were from tourist customers and what made them choose to see a new city this way.

Suited to all Travellers

Unfortunately, some tours are best enjoyed great in pairs, or are more family-oriented, or require a set number of participants, with a free tour the guide is doing what they love and welcomes everyone regardless of age or demographic. From solo travellers to large groups, everyone can join in and be immersed in the culture of the tour and city.


To make this a career many guides have to either work long hours or trust they will have a large and consistent booking rate which is not always the case and even more so during the dreaded off-season. With a free tour, the money the guide receives is theirs to keep, giving them the freedom and flexibility of a work schedule they create.

You get what you pay for

If you have ever paid a high rate for a trip only to be let down, then feeling ripped off can leave you with a bad taste in your mouth for the rest of your vacation. With a free tour, if you loved it you show the guide your appreciation with a generous tip, if not, a smaller amount for the initial effort won’t put you unwillingly out of pocket.

Increased demand.

The way of the future for the tourism industry is with free tours, it benefits both the excited and curious traveller, and hones in on the skill and talent of the tour guide who gets to share his love and experience for the city with others. A win-win situation without breaking the bank. You can also adapt it to all countries, areas, and expertise.

Many people have asked if you could do a tour and visit the places by yourself, and of course, you can, but what would be the fun in that? Paired with the fact that you will have no one to share the experiences with and essentially would just be walking around the city, you will miss out on the most enjoyable part, the experience.

When you have a free tour guide they will always have information about that specific place or venue that may not be as easily found or well-known online, and they almost always have hilarious stories about events that took place there, why wouldn’t you want to be part of that?

Take your free tour today and be one step closer to travel freedom.

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