Seeing Dublin with Pat Liddy’s Walking Tours

Dublin of today is modern, trendy, and cutting-edge. Although home to the European bases of many tech giants, you don’t have to walk around Dublin too long to find its historical past. Thanks to Pat Liddy’s Walking Tours, I got a great insight into what makes Dublin so interesting. Here’s how it went.

Warm up with Whiskey

My walk around Dublin began how I imagine every Irishmen’s day begins – with whiskey. This is a joke of course but makes no mistake, the Irish are proud of their whiskey. There is no better place to see this than at the Irish Whiskey Museum. There you are taken on a time-travelling journey as the major players describe what makes Irish whiskey Irish… and superior to the Scots Scotch.

Pat Liddy's Walking Tours
Pat Liddy's Walking Tours
Pat Liddy's Walking Tours

Let’s Walk

Feeling nice and loose, my walk around Dublin with Pat Liddy’s Walking Tours headed off from the Molly Malone statute. This fictional busty character has come to life from Dublin’s unofficial anthem and receives a lot of attention from tourists and locals alike. From there we made our way through Trinity College where our tour guide Clan gave us fun tidbits and stories on Ireland’s oldest higher learning facility. Founded in 1592, Trinity College is also ranked as one of the top 100 universities in the world and is home to the Book of Kells.

Pat Liddy's Walking Tours

Our Pat Liddy’s Walking Tours continued along Grafton Street. We fought the crowds on the busy shop-lined pedestrian only strip and onto City Hall where the coat of arms and its image of a burning city was explained.

Next up on this walk around Dublin was Dublin Castle and the Lady Justice statue that stands above it. There’s a few interesting facts about the statue that I wouldn’t have picked up had I not been on this with Pat Liddy’s Walking Tours. 1) The statue is supposed to be blindfolded as not to discriminate. 2) Her scales are to be level to represent being innocent until proven guilty but tilt towards the Dublin’s Tax Office. 3) Unlike Lady Justice statues in other cities around the world, this one has its back to the people and faces the courtyard, not the city. All in all, an interesting message from the British authorities that erected her in the 1750’s.

Temple Bar

Once our Pat Liddy’s Walking Tours concluded we strolled over to Temple Bar. It was against the recommendation of our tour guide as it is 100% tourist driven and nothing authentically Irish about it anymore. Still, a walk around Dublin can’t be complete without seeing the circus that is Temple bar. It was early when I strolled through yet could still see some of the carnage. Afterwards, we took Clan’s Temple Bar’s alternative suggestion and headed to nearby Hogan’s for a cheaper pint.

Pat Liddy's Walking Tours

Get to know Dublin

A walk around Dublin with Pat Liddy’s Walking Tours is a great way to get a historical overview of the city in a short amount of time. Once done you can wander back to the areas that intrigue you the most – or go completely against your guide’s suggestions with the most touristy stop in town.

 Pat Liddy’s Walking Tours Good to Know

Tour Cost: from €8 (don’t forget to tip your guide!)
Includes: Knowledgeable guide, good times.
Don’t Miss: Stories about Trinity College and Dublin Castle.

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