What Causes Vacation Weight Gain & Ways to Avoid 2022

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Vacations are a much-needed break from all the stresses of life. While it may feel that it’s the perfect time to unwind and treat yourself, anxiety can replace this free-spirited high when you realize that your rest and recuperation are causing you all the holiday weight gain. 

When you’re on vacation during the holiday season, neglecting everything related to healthy eating is easy. Hence, it’s no surprise that vacation days can add extra weight.

Between skipped workout routines and hopping in different restaurants, there are a variety of reasons that can wreck your weight loss journey. So, here are a few possible reasons that give you all that weight during vacation.

Reasons Make You Gain Weight While Traveling

The majority of the cause of weight change during vacation can be due to the following reasons:

Your hotel lacks exercise equipment

While it’s common for a hotel to provide access to WiFi and flat-screen TV, some hotels don’t have the amenities that will help you maintain your body goals while on a trip. 

A hotel with a fridge in your room can make it easier for you to stock healthy foods, such as veggies, yoghurt, fruits, hummus, and cheese. No worries, if you don’t have access to a fridge, you can still stock other healthy snack options, such as beef jerky, granola bars, and nuts.

Getting a room with a kitchen is like choosing a room with a gym. Doing an exercise routine and eating healthy snacks in your hotel room can help you maintain weight while on vacation. Also, it’s much easier to follow your daily routine if you have access to the gym.

You don’t stay hydrated

You always bring your water flask with you, but you don’t bring it on vacation? Drinking water is the key to a daily diet, yet most vacationers forget to do it.

Whether you spend the day hiking or swimming in the pool, you’ll become dehydrated if you’re being active, especially under the sun. It’s because your body will have to work hard to stay cool. Also, you’ll lose fluids and salts through sweating.

You’ll tend to overeat when you’re dehydrated because you most likely confuse thirst with hunger. So, you’ll eat and drink anything without thinking if it’s rich in carbs or have larger portion sizes than you usually eat.

You drink sugary cocktails

A frozen margarita, pina colada, and other alcoholic beverages can add hundreds of calories to your diet, causing you to gain a few pounds. 

Registered dietitians at Health Canal warned about the effect of drinking sugary beverages on the body. When simple sugar is consumed more than the daily limit, the sugar molecules will combine with proteins and form compounds that can damage the skin’s collagen. As a result, it can enhance the aging process of the skin.

Therefore, instead of gulping on frozen blends, why not go for a glass of wine, which is typically lower in calories? In fact, wine is rich in antioxidants, which are healthy for the immune system and can actually help your burn excess body fat.

Ways to Overcome Vacation Weight Gain Fast

Are you planning to lose weight after a week of a beautiful vacation trip? Don’t worry, we’ve got you some ideas on how to lose the extra pounds you gain from vacation and additional tips on how to not gain weight on vacation.

Bring back eating balanced meals

When you’re on vacation, you want to try the famous restaurant included in your itinerary. Of course, restaurants get repeat customers by serving tasty meals. They make it extra good by putting in lots of sugar and salt. Not only does it increase your calorie intake, but it also tastes so good that you lose control and overeat, which is a bad thing.

To lose the extra weight gained during vacation, it’s best to go back to your old routine of shopping for healthy food choices to make low-carb or calorie-deficit meals that provide the proper nutrition for your body’s needs.

Go to bed hungry

The best time to ever feel hungry is right before bed. You must keep your appetite full throughout the day to provide the energy. This technique also helps you avoid binging late at night.

So, if you stay satisfied throughout the day, eat a moderate dinner, then stop eating after that. You’ll avoid eating additional calories before hitting the bed. As a result, the extra pounds will fall off naturally.

Again, it’s normal to be hungry before bed because overnight, your appetite resets. Then, you will begin your day with a clean slate of eating a good breakfast tomorrow. Just avoid being too hungry that it can affect your sleep. In such a case, drink more water before going to sleep to ease the hunger you feel. 


You can start taking cleansing supplements or any type of dietary detox product to lose all the extra pounds you’ve gained over your vacation trip. However, do not solely rely on this as you have to balance everything.

In a research-based content I’ve read, you must incorporate these supplements with healthy eating and regular exercise to get the best result. 

While it’s normal for everyone to gain a little weight after a nice vacation, don’t compensate for it by skipping meals or eating no carbs at all. Losing weight takes time and effort, so don’t rush to shed those extra pounds.

In addition, here are some tips to avoid vacation weight gain:

  • Be active with family and friends by creating a travel workout.
  • Step on the scale regularly during the holidays to remind you of your weight loss goals
  • Limit liquid calories, such as alcohol, soda, and other calorie-rich beverages, as they can cause water weight and water retention.
  • Avoid high-calorie and fattening foods at holiday parties.
  • Use a smaller plate for every meal to control the portion.

Final Thoughts

While maintaining your weight can feel daunting during the holiday, you can follow our tips on preventing gaining weight and how to burn that vacation weight gain.

In addition to these tips, make sure you do simple workouts such as jogging outside if you don’t have access to the gym. Do not overindulge in holiday treats, and try to eat in moderation.

If you’re keen, you may not only prevent vacation weight gain, and possible you’ve lost weight by sticking to your usual routine while on vacation.

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