3 Road Trip Safety Tips That Can’t Be Ignored

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The Great American road trip’s revival is no overstatement, with many Americans rediscovering their love for adventures on the road. Indeed, more than 80% of Americans surveyed by Hertz revealed they planned to take a summer road trip in 2021. Road trips offer a great way to escape the humdrum of your routine life, discover hidden gems, and make lifelong memories. However, it is vital to be safe to enjoy the ideal road trip experience, so safety should be a prime concern throughout. Here’s are three essential road trip safety tips.

Ensure your vehicle is fit for the trip

Your car’s condition plays a critical role in your safety on this form of travel, so you definitely can’t ignore it before hitting the road. Road trips are typically long drives that are much more demanding on your car, so your vehicle’s performance levels will be greatly tested. Therefore, test or check out your car’s fluid levels, lights, and wipers before heading out. Additionally, check whether the tires are in excellent condition and have significant pressure. Also, test your brakes’ responsiveness and observe whether the brake pads make any alarming noises. It would also help to check for any leaks to remain safe. Your local mechanic can perform this checkup and any other necessary auto repair to adequately prepare your car for this trip, so it would be best to consult them first to be on the safe side.

Keep distractions to a minimum

Road trips can be long and boring for drivers, especially when travelling alone. Therefore, there’s always the tendency to pull out your phone, move objects, stare outside, adjust audio, navigation, climate controls, and even eat. However, multitasking behind the wheel is never a good idea, so remember to keep distractions to a minimum while driving. Other passengers can also distract you, particularly if the travelling group is youthful. Therefore, lay some ground rules regarding distractions before setting off. You can entertain talking and conversations, but don’t hesitate to stop the car as soon as possible and restore normalcy if there is any shouting, roughhousing, or any other distracting activity in the vehicle. 

Avoid sleepiness behind the wheel

Drowsy driving is a severe risk that is frankly not spoken about enough. Many experts think driving while battling to stay awake puts you in as much danger as driving while drunk. Indeed, drowsy and drunk driving alike impair your concentration, take your eyes off the road, and limit your split-second reaction time. The Sleep Research Center estimates that it is responsible for up to 20% of all road accidents on one-way roads. 

Consequently, look for common signs of drowsy driving like heavy eyelids, trouble keeping your head up, daydreaming, and struggling to focus. You can readily pull over if you experience these symptoms to avoid getting into an accident. If there are multiple drivers in the vehicle, ensure that they take turns driving so everyone can get adequate sleep. 

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