4 Things To Do In Salem, Massachusetts

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According to Statista, the number of visitors to the US from the UK was about 461,000 in 2021. This statistic is hardly surprising, given that America is certainly a great destination for tourists worldwide, not just Britain. There are many sights and sounds to experience across America, even in cities like Salem. Many people think of the unfortunate witch trials that occurred centuries ago when Salem comes to mind. However, this great city has much more to offer beyond its dark past, making it a prime destination to consider the next time you are in America. Here are four things you should consider doing when you visit Salem. 

Go on a Salem Food Tour

Salem Food Tour is a tour organisation offering culinary tours of Salem. If you are a gastronome, signing up for this food tour is non-negotiable to enjoy delicious tastings at Salem’s finest restaurants and local shops. The tour partners offer fresh local seafood, homemade dishes, speciality drinks, and the opportunity to meet the city’s best chefs. Additionally, you get to go on morning coffee walks alongside the afternoon food tours. Furthermore, this tour will also help you learn about historic and present-day Salem to deepen your appreciation of the city. For instance, you will learn about Salem’s spice trade history, colonial dinners, and local history. 

Head over to a haunted farm

You can also take a trip to a haunted farm for a true thrill, especially during Halloween. Places like Connors Farm have haunted mazes, swamps, forests, burial grounds, and other sights, smells, and sounds that provide a better horror experience than your traditional indoor haunted house. Halloween is the ideal time to visit these haunted farms, but you can go on Fridays or early in the season to avoid long lines.

Enjoy kayaking

Salem offers several opportunities for kayaking that you should undoubtedly take advantage of. There are several kayak rental companies in the city, so you won’t be short of options. These companies even provide formal kayak lessons and on-demand tours for individuals and groups wishing to explore Salem, the North Shore, and the New England coast by Kayak. What’s more, there are several options available for amateurs and more experienced kayakers seeking to sharpen their skills and push their limits. Your tour route will mostly depend on the water conditions and weather, but you can expect an interesting kayaking experience regardless.

Explore the Salem Witch Museum

No tour of Salem is complete without encountering the city’s dark past in one way or another. Therefore, the Salem Witch Museum should definitely feature in your itinerary when you visit this iconic city. As the name implies, this museum is dedicated to the infamous dark period in Salem’s history: the witch trials. These trials occurred in colonial Massachusetts from 1692 to 1693, and more than 200 individuals were accused of practising witchcraft. Unfortunately, over 20 people were killed, a grave mistake for which the colony eventually apologised. The museum contains official trial documents and several life-sized stage sets brought to life with lights, figures, and moving narration. It is open all year round, so you will always have a chance to deepen your understanding of the witch trials anytime you visit.

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