Top 5 Travel Destinations For Beginner Sailors

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If you’re still fresh to sailing then you may be wondering where to begin. You’d like to make a journey out of the learning process but you’re still asking yourself where you’ll be able to travel with confidence while you’re building your skills. These travel destinations for beginner sailors is a great place to start.

There are many factors to consider when you’re starting out with sailing. You may still be learning the terminology or looking for the perfect mentor. You’re undoubtedly still in the process of developing your instincts about the weather conditions, and how to respond accordingly. You may be uncertain of which boat will serve you best as your proverbial training wheels. Consider looking into charter boats for sale online to get a gauge on what kind of starter boat will suit you best.

Despite all of that, just because you’re a beginner sailor that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any adventures to be had – here are a few holiday destinations that are perfect for the fledgling sailor.

The Greek Islands

The Greek islands are huge and expansive, an outright amazing destination to brush up on your sailing skills. A sailing vacation through Greece can take up to two weeks – there is a nearly endless list of things to do here. Check out Knossos on the island of Crete, considered by some to be one of Europe’s oldest cities. It is also the destination in Greek mythology which was once ruled over by King Minos and where there was a labyrinth which housed the Minotaur.

You could also travel to Santorini and the island of Nea Kamen to experience its hot springs. Be careful, however, as the volcano is still active!


Croatia is a sailing destination that is steadily increasing in its popularity. The city of Split is an excellent hub location for your sailing through Croatia. Split is a city with a rich cultural history and there is much to explore while there. The Archeological Museum in Split is the oldest in Croatia, having been opened in 1820. The museum house many collections, including impressive gems, over 70,000 ancient medieval coins and many other artefacts. The museum also has a beautiful garden attached, which is well worth a walk through. You could even go and see a live performance at the Croatian National Theatre which has been open since 1893 and continues to stage hundreds of performances each year.

You could also sail to Korcula, known for being the birthplace of the famous explorer Marco Polo. It is also not as popular of a tourist destination and has limited ferry access, making it a perfect city for you to sail towards yourself.

The British Virgin Islands

Known for having gentle winds and clear paths between islands, the British Virgin Islands are a perfect pick for sailors of all skill levels. When starting out with sailing, it’s important to have an awareness of wind speeds, and what they mean for you when sailing.

Other than having excellent beaches for snorkelling, diving, paddleboarding or simple sunbaking, the British Virgin Islands can also offer up a few hiking adventures. Explore Gorda Peak National Park to reach the observation tower – the highest point of the region – to really soak in and enjoy the view. The park is rich with biodiversity, which includes the chance to spot the world’s smallest lizard, the Virgin Islands dwarf gecko.

The Bahamas

The Bahamas is known for its picturesque beaches with turquoise water and white sands, and it is without a doubt a brilliant place for beach living and sailing alike. Go to the capital city of Nassau to stroll through the Straw Market, try some rum at John Watling’s distillery or see nurse sharks up close at Compass Cay.

If the straw market has left you hungry for more shopping then you can keep that energy going by attending the Port Lucaya Marketplace in the city of Freeport. With over 40 speciality stores and 11 restaurants and even live music on the weekends, this marketplace is sure to keep you occupied for at least a day.

The Whitsundays

An excellent sailing destination with the Great Barrier Reef at your doorstep, there is no going wrong with the Whitesundays. If you’ve managed to become a little worn out on the sailing then you could take a scenic flight to be able to see the reef and its ocean life from above.

It’s also a great destination for a few activities that are a little less conventional – you could head down to Proserpine river to see crocodiles in the wild or take a jetski tour past Airlie Beach.

Wherever you decide to go while sailing, it’s always important to be constantly learning and improving your knowledge and abilities as a sailor. However, there’s nothing more rewarding than going on holiday and knowing that it is your own set of skills that’s able to transport you during your journey. Regardless of where you go to develop your skills as a sailor, the most important thing is that you are continually putting in the effort and improving as you go.

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