The Things to Do in Bahrain

Bahrain is an archipelago located on the Persian Gulf, sitting between Qatar and Saudi Arabia. It comprises over 50 natural islands with plenty of things to do in Bahrain.

When you think of sand, palms, camels, and subtropical climate – think of Bahrain. Bahrain has a rich history and is known for its lovely pearls. Home of its own Formula 1 Grand Prix and many other attractions make it a place worth visiting

Rich cultural and art scenes, top-notch gastronomy, and modern architecture also describe this wealthy country in the Persian Gulf. 

Read on to find out which attractions are must-try for first-time visitors and what kind of entry permit should you prepare before your trip!

Bahrain Visa Requirements

It’s crucial to remember about handling an appropriate entry permit before leaving on a trip to Bahrain! Luckily, there is an electronic visa that can be easily obtained online. The government has introduced not one but three different eVisa types for all travellers to use. Choose the best option for your needs (single-entry, multiple-entry for 30 days, numerous entries for a 90-day stay) and apply using your phone or laptop!

Get yours and travel to Bahrain with eVisa for a stress-free trip! Apply online following a quick and intuitive 3-step process. Fill the application form with some basic personal and travel information, cover the eVisa fees, and wait for the approved entry permit to be delivered.

As soon as your application gets processed, it will be delivered to your email box in PDF form. It could not be more simple!

TIP! Submit your application at least 3 business days ahead of your trip to get your eVisa delivered on time.

Top Bahrain Attractions


First up on this list of things to do in Bahrain is visiting Manama, a bustling metropolis. Besides amazing skyscrapers, luxury resorts, shopping malls, and modern buildings, you will find many nice historic and cultural spots. 

Wander in the souks and discover amazing things. Quality carpets, amazing pearls, and thousands of different spices are all there. History-lovers should not miss visiting the Natural Museum where they can learn more about the history of Bahrain.

Another must-see attraction for the history buffs is the amazing fortress Qal’at Al Bahrain, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, located west of Manama. 

Isa Town

Large villas, luxury homes, and amazing scenery are some things that characterize Isa Town. However, there are many more other things to see below the surface. 

Isa Town is also a place where you will find lovely colorful markets and bazaars, where people sell local handicrafts, fabrics, and interesting souvenirs

It is a great place to blend in and mix with the locals. Football fans should certainly check out the magnificent Bahrain National Stadium, which is the biggest stadium in the country where the Bahrain national team plays its matches. 


Riffa is a large city located in the middle of Bahrain. It gives visitors a unique feeling because of its many ancient buildings and historic sites

The Riffa Fort is a must-see attraction, together with the old Arabic bazaars and the pearl-selling stalls. Riffa is a place where ancient meets the modern, where you have a lot of beautiful things to explore. 

Amwaj Islands

These islands are very attractive to see, where you can relax under the sun, swim, or walk around and admire some amazing yachts and boats of rich billionaires

Amwaj Islands are where the best sandy beaches and picturesque lagoons of Bahrain are located. The six man-made islands offer perfect spots for a relaxing getaway! 


  • laying on a white-sandy beach watching the turquoise waters, 
  • kayaking, 
  • windsurfing, 
  • fishing, 
  • getting a massage at a spa, 
  • or just simply doing nothing!


Last up on this list of things to do in Bahrain is visiting A’Ali, a charming little village famous for arts, crafts, and quality pottery. Here you should explore plenty of great ceramic shops, check out rich bazaars, and see locals create amazing handcrafts. 

It is a perfect place for buying souvenirs to remind you of your Bahrain holiday. Close to this village are the ancient Dilmun burial mounds, which are another great place to see!

Final Thoughts

Bahrain is a hidden gem with charming layers that wait to be explored. Home of the ancient Dilmun civilization, Bahrain is not yet affected by mass tourism, so you can still enjoy its intact natural beauties to the fullest!

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