Ethiopia, Africa’s hidden gem

Visiting Ethiopia is visiting one of Africa’s hidden gems. It is full of exquisite food, and exciting culture, and includes seven UNESCO world heritage sites. There there’s the stunning scenery and rich wildlife.

A visit to the African continent is always fascinating with its diverse landscape and stunning natural backdrop. However, it is also an ecosystem containing some of the world’s most dangerous animals and it is important to be aware of safety rules and regulations. You might also find yourself in need of a visa before heading to Ethiopia. Reading up on the requirements for an Ethiopian e-visa is therefore necessary.

Ethiopia eVISA

Travellers wanting to visit Ethiopia have the opportunity to apply for an Ethiopia eVISA. It is important to read up on rules and regulations before applying. Each traveller needs to fill out the online application form which includes stating some personal information, and passport details.

Once the eVISA application is granted, it will be sent to the traveller via email. It is important to note that a valid passport must be carried alongside the approved eVISA when entering the country. Finally, it is important to note that travellers carrying an eVISA must enter Ethiopia via Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. Entering from other ports is strictly prohibited. Citizens from all countries in the world are allowed to apply for an Ethiopian eVISA if they have an eligible passport.

5 Great Sites To See While Visiting Ethiopia

Once you have arrived in Ethiopia there is no shortage of things to explore and see. Here are 5 suggestions that will make sure you experience some of the best the nation has to offer.

Danakil Depression

Visiting Ethiopia means you can experience one of the earth’s hottest and driest areas, the Danakil Depression. You can explore hot springs, a lava lake, and magnificent lunar landscapes there. It is the lowest point in Africa and in order to fully take advantage of the experience, it is best to book a tour.


A medieval settlement with structures admired for their artistic splendour and incredible architectural designs.


An ancient holy city from 1520 makes it the oldest Islamic city in Africa with 99 mosques and wild hyenas within the city walls.

The Rift Valley

A passage with a chain of seven lakes and a multitude of different wildlife. There you also enjoy natural hot springs.

The Blue Nile Falls

The longest river in Africa is 400 m wide and 45 m deep with beautiful waterfalls completing the view.

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