12 Surprising Items That You Can Actually Bring With You on the Plane

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If you’re like most people, you probably dread the thought of having to sit in an airplane for hours. But you can actually make the time in your seat more bearable with some cool little knick-knacks you can bring along with you on the plane. Here’s some information on which types of items you can bring onto an airplane, whether it’s on your carry-on luggage or the cargo bay.


Yes, surprisingly, this sharp and handy tool can be brought onto the plane. Albeit with certain restrictions. All scissors that measure 4 inches or less may be brought on board as long as they are held in a case or wrapped around clothing. If you’re taking your child’s new toy scissors on the plane to make arts and crafts, that’s okay. Just be sure not to leave a mess or a tear upon departure!

Ice Cream

If you can’t leave your home without your favorite bowl of ice cream, you’re in luck! Ice cream is allowed to be brought on a plane as long as it’s in the cup. As long as it’s frozen solid by the time you enter the security screening, you’re good to go. Making sure it stays frozen on the trip, however, is another story.


The TSA and ABF allow perfume to be brought through security checkpoints. The only catch is that all containers must fit into a single 3.4-ounce travel-friendly container after it’s been screened.

Be sure to take into consideration the size of your carrier when buying your favorite fragrance; you certainly don’t want to find out your luxury bottle isn’t travel-friendly and have them throw it away!


It may come as a surprise, but skateboards are allowed to be brought on board the aircraft. However, they must be transported in a manner that doesn’t interfere with other passengers.

In the overhead compartment, make sure that it’s stowed at a horizontal degree so it doesn’t risk snapping in half if the plane experiences some turbulence.


Traveling to a tropical climate? Once you step off the plane, you may encounter scorching heat if you’re dropped off by the tarmac.

If you’re planning to go to the beach and a straw hut’s shade isn’t enough to cool you off, a fan can be a lifesaver. It’s best to come in prepared and consider bringing along an electric fan to help you stay cool throughout the trip.

Musical Instruments

Here’s another travel hack: some instruments can be brought onto an airplane, but only if they’re able to fit inside the checked luggage compartment. And it goes without saying that you should bring it inside its respective bag too. Not only for compliance’s sake but also to ensure it doesn’t get any permanent scratches in case turbulence disturbs the storage compartment.

Adult Toys

Planning an intimate trip with your partner and want to bring some toys to spice it up? Good news! The airport personnel won’t bat an eye if you bring adult toys with you on the plane as a carry-on or stowed in your luggage. Just make sure it’s properly packed in a protective case and avoid getting caught with it in public. 

One thing, though. Some countries like India and the UAE have imposed restrictions on flying with adult toys. So be sure to check what’s permitted in your destination’s airport to not experience any setbacks on site.

Fishing Poles

Another long object you can bring with you are fishing poles. As long as the pole fits your airline’s size limitations, fishing poles are typically permitted to be brought on board.

As the fishing tackle can be quite sharp and dangerous, it’s recommended that you sheathed and wrap it to the pole beforehand.


It might seem odd to be able to bring a flammable object onto a plane, but a box of matches is perfectly fine. As long as you keep the box closed and away from sources of heat, it should be okay to bring it on board with you. You can also only bring it with you as a carry-on.

Cremated Remains

If a loved one has passed away and has been cremated, you’ll want to hold onto their ashes for safekeeping until they’re scattered after funeral services. Airport security is generally respectful and understanding of the situation and let loved ones travel with cremated remains. That is, as long as they’re in a tight container that passes through the X-ray machine.

Breast milk

If you’re a regular at the airport, you’re probably aware of the 3.4-ounce limitation for liquids on board. But surprisingly, if you have a baby with you, you can actually bring breast milk on board that exceeds this limit! Talk about children getting double treatment!


Believe it or not, even an object as sharp as a fork is allowed to be brought on your carry-on baggage, according to the TSA. If you’re concerned with hygiene and want to enjoy good meals during your flight, you can bring spoons and forks along with you on board.

Things You CANNOT Bring on Board

There are certain things that you’re prohibited to take with you on the plane, regardless of whether you choose to check them in your luggage or your carry-on bag.

These include:

  • Alcohol over 40 Proof
  • Fireworks and Flares
  • Weapons
  • Paints
  • Fuels
  • Gasoline
  • Lighter fluid

If these items are found in your bag, they may be confiscated immediately. You can also face legal consequences if you’ve used them for illegal purposes.  So, the best course of action is to leave these things at home.

We hope that you’ve learned something new from this article and that you’ll keep it in mind when planning your next trip.

Have a safe one!

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