What Makes India Such An Epic Food Destination?

What Makes India Such An Epic Food Destination? Let’s find out.

Indian civilization is one of the oldest in the world. There have been people forming societies and cooking on the subcontinent for perhaps 10,000 years. And in that time, they’ve developed some delicious dishes. 

Food in India is like everything else: eclectic. The people who live in the country aren’t afraid to experiment and try new flavours. Everything they do is about making food taste as delicious as possible, particularly in some of the southern areas of the country. 

In this post, we look at some reasons why India should be the next place on your food travel itinerary. 

The Street Food Is Better Than The Restaurant Food (Well, Almost)

In most Western cities, you accept the fact that the street food isn’t quite on par with restaurant food. It’s more convenient and costs less so, generally, it doesn’t taste quite as good. 

But in India, economics doesn’t really come into the picture. It’s not about margins, it’s about how delicious the food can be. More than that it is a spiritual undertaking or an act of love. Local street food vendors want to show you their hospitality through taste. 

For this reason, the experience of street food in India is like nothing else. The people making it might not have any possessions to their name, but they can whip up the best dahl you ever tasted in your life. 

The Fact That There Are So Many Different Foods To Try

There is no such thing as “Indian” food. Instead, the country is a patchwork of delicacies, from the mostly vegetarian north to the more meat-eating south. Everywhere you go, there are new flavours to experience. It never gets boring. 

One minute, you’re chowing down on aloo gobi, the next you’re learning how to make chakalaka instant pot method. It’s never boring. 

What’s nice about India is that the taste of the same dish actually varies from place to place, too. You can stop off in one town, sample some saag aloo, and then travel to another and the locals will prepare it in a totally different way. But, amazingly, both taste just as authentic, having been made with traditional ingredients and spices, many of which are sourced from the local area. 

The Theater

If you head to restaurants in the Delhi area, you’ll be treated to a variety of sizzling shazliks. These dishes arrive on cast iron skillets, fizzing away, fresh from the kitchen. The experience is nothing short of the divine (as you might expect in India). And even after you’ve finished gobbling down a meat-heavy meal, you don’t feel too bad. All the spices seem to protect your body. 

The Smells

Lastly, when you travel to India, you’ll notice the wonderful smell of the food cooking all over the place. Indians don’t shake powdered spices into a pan. Instead, they grind them from scratch, often by hand, and then fry them in ghee. This makes them so much more aromatic when it comes to cooking them. The difference is dramatic.

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