Get a Taste of the Seaside while Staying in London with these Day Trips

London is one of the most popular tourist cities in the world. Despite this, it doesn’t quite have everything. This includes a seafront. Thankfully, if you are looking to visit the seaside while staying in London, you have options.

Visitors aren’t more than a short drive (or train journey) from a beach. If you’re staying in London and you’d like a classic British day out, then there are few options. This includes an impressive roster of seaside resorts.

Visiting the Seaside while Staying in London

The British seaside holiday became a fixture of the nation’s culture over the course of the last century. It’s different than that which you’ll find elsewhere in the world, not least because the weather is rarely all that favourable. Food, like fish ‘n’ chips, and iced cream, is often best enjoyed while looking out onto the English Channel. Then there are the classic features like amusement parks, which make these places worth visiting even when the weather’s more on the chilly side.

Nowadays, the seaside holiday has gotten a little more sophisticated with the emergence of better food and better facilities. There’s something for everyone on the south coast, from man-made attractions and amusements to hiking adventures along the clifftops. All of these things are, naturally, a world away from the sort of fun you can expect in the capital – which makes it all the more worthwhile that these places are visited.

Let’s look at some of the best of them.


Among the many features that make Southend-on-Sea worth, a visit is its impressive pleasure pier, which is the longest in the world. Extending for 1.3 miles into the Thames estuary, it’s flanked by Adventure Island, a theme park in the classic seaside style, and the Sea Life Adventure aquarium, with its walk-through tunnel. The latter is a safe bet on a rainy day.


Brighton is among the south coast’s foremost tourist destinations. There’s the extensive beach, and the unique Royal Pavilion, and the eye-popping i360 observation tower. But it’s the open, welcoming culture that tends to keep visitors coming back for more. It’s a city unlike any other in the UK, and it’s easily reachable via a train from London. You can take a train from Gatwick Airport to Brighton and be there in less than half-an-hour, making it a perfect destination for those staying in the west of the capital.


From a historical perspective, there are few sites in Britain more important than the battlefield in Hastings. It was here, in 1066, that William the Conqueror saw off the natives and set the whole messy chain of events in motion. As well as visiting the battlefield itself, you might spend a trip to Hastings ogling the ruins of Hastings Castle, at which the aforementioned conqueror made his home.

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