Make Sure Your Rental Property Is Tenant Ready

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Making a property rent-ready means ensuring that it is in the best shape possible before putting it on the market. It’s likely that as soon as your home is available, it will drum up a significant amount of interest. More so if it is an attractive property competitively priced and highly advertised. However, you do not want to allow prospective renters to come and look at the property if you are not confident that it is ready to move into.

So, before you start taking those promotional images or running those adverts, double-check that you have completed these steps to prepare your home or unit for the rental market in your area.

Consider your curb appeal

Starting with your curb appeal is the ideal location to begin the process of making your home rentable. 

This is particularly significant because a large number of prospective tenants will make a judgment about your house based only on how it appears from the outside. It is important to make a good first impression, especially when individuals are considering where they want to live. As a result, establish a positive first impression. 

Create a compelling cause for prospective tenants to come in for a showing and inspect your property. Provide them with a reason to be enthusiastic about the property. Curb appeal that appeals to them might elicit positive emotions in them and make them feel good about your home.

Carry out repairs and maintenance

The fact that you only want your vendors and contractors to come to your property once is another argument for creating a detailed list of repair and maintenance requirements before you start work. You certainly do not want them to have to go back and forth multiple times to remedy items that were not spotted the first time as this will cost you both time and money.

If you are doing the repairs yourself, make a list of everything you will need and head to the store to get it all together. However, only perform repairs on your own if they are something that you are familiar with doing. This is not something you want to take lightly or take it lightly. It is critical to complete all necessary repairs and to do it in a professional manner.  If you require assistance with something that is outside of your area of expertise, seek the assistance of a professional, for example, a gas engineer or a 24 Hour AC Service. It will save you both time and money because specialists will get the task done swiftly and correctly the first time they are called upon.   

Make sure it is clean

When it comes to getting your rental property rent-ready, cleaning is essential. It should be free of dust and debris, and it should be clean. You are trying to avoid spills or stains on your carpet or on the floor.

Invest in a cleaning crew to perform a thorough deep clean, which should include pulling the appliances away from the wall to clean and dust beneath and behind the appliances. The number of crumbs and dust that accumulate around household appliances may surprise you!

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