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While some people travel the world for a living, others do it for leisure or to learn about other cultures. Regardless of the group you find yourself in, your world travels cannot be complete without sampling mouth-watering dishes from the places you tour. According to Statista, 2019 recorded the highest number of international tourist travels with 1.5 billion trips. It would make sense if a considerable percentage of them tried a couple of delicacies during their trips. This article covers some must-eat foods from around the world. 


This is a South Korean side dish that spicy food lovers will love. Although it is a South Korean dish, the main ingredient is the Chinese vegetable, known as the Nappa cabbage. Also, Kimchi is fermented and salted vegetables splattered in traditional spices like garlic, onions, chilli or red pepper, and other local herbs. Because it is a side dish, many Korean households have the Kimchi as a regular feature on the dining table.

According to the locals, Kimchi has several health benefits. For example, it’s believed to aid weight loss, boost heart health, reduce inflammation and prevent yeast infections. So whenever you find yourself in South Korea, do not forget to sample their side dish, Kimchi.

Philadelphia cheesesteak

This can be found in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. If you intend to visit the region, do not forget to sample the Philadelphia cheesesteak. It is a sandwich that contains caramelized onion, ribeye steak slices, and cheese. 

Pasta Carbonara

It’s easy to tell where this food comes from – the home of Pasta, Italy. The Pasta Carbonara dish is originally from Rome. Before the 20th century, there were slight variations to this Italian dish. Currently, the Pasta Carbonara is made with slices of pickled pork, black pepper, Parmesan cheese, and eggs. The trick to cooking this dish is to have the pasta prepared al dente. This means, even after cooking, it should retain a firm texture when bitten into. The Pasta Carbonara is not complete unless served in a round dish and topped off with Parmesan cheese and cream sauce. The fat used for this dish is olive oil.


This is an Ethiopian cuisine considered a delicacy for the locals. The Kitfo contains raw minced beef mixed in an assortment of regional spice blends known as the ‘mitmita.’ The butter (niter kibbeh) used for the Kitfo is also combined with local herbs and spices. On the whole, the Kitfo (or Ketfo) looks like a hamburger. However, the only difference is that the spiced-up minced beef is raw and is eaten with ‘injera.’ For those of you not too enthused about the raw minced beef, you have the option to request for a slightly or fully-cooked Kitfo.  

I had some amazing Ethiopian food on both an Ethiopian Airlines 787-9 flight and on the ground at their Cloud 9 lounge. Based on this, I can only imagine how great the food is in the country.

Bangers and Mash

In Ireland and Great Britain, it is not surprising to see Bangers and mash in local restaurants. It is made with sausages and mashed potatoes. The usual topping is a gravy made from onions. According to Great Britain and Ireland residents, bangers and mash can be the perfect dinner to make at home. It sounds pretty ordinary until you scoop a forkful into your mouth. That’s when you’ll notice that bangers and mash are far from ordinary. Travelling around the world is excellent, but it can be better when you sample the local delicacies in the places you visit. However, be cautious about what you consume.

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