Sex Sells – The Odd Story of Ronnies Sex Shop


Parked in the middle of nowhere South Africa you will find the ultimate story of sex sells – and it has nothing to do with sex itself. Meet Ronnies Sex Shop, a dive bar with a unique story.

Where it’s At

Ronnies Sex Shop is located along the dusty and dry Route 62 – 290 kilometers from Cape Town and miles from anything else. We were tipped off about this odd roadside fixture by a couple we met on our luxury Rovos Rail trip.  It peaked our curiosity enough to make a detour on our 3 Day Garden Route tour.

Ronnies Sex Shop

False Start

Originally established as a farm stall, it failed miserably. Not to be defeated, Ronnie decided to open a bar instead.“Worst case I would have a place to drink” a grey-bearded at Ronnie laughed. He had just pulled up with a large box of T-shirts fresh from the printer in Mossel Bay. Ronnie went on to explain how the place never really got off the ground until, as a joke, his friends painted the word “sex next to his sign. With that kind act of vandalism, Ronnies Sex Shop was born.

Ronnies Sex Shop

Bust to Boom

“We drank a lot in those days” Ronnie said very matter-of-factly. He never really got the fascination but took it in and enjoyed the ride. Suddenly Ronnies Sex Shop became a novelty stop and more. Although there was nothing sex-related at Ronnies Sex Shop women began leaving undergarments (as they do) which now hang from the dank bar rafters. It reminded me of a kitschy dive bar on Bourbon Street except there is absolutely nothing else around.

Ronnies Sex Shop

Sex Sells 

Clearly. Here we were sitting in the middle of nowhere having a beer with a guy from Delta BC, a suburb of my home of Vancouver. Small world or sex sells? There is not much to Ronnies Sex Shop other than a place to grab a drink and take a picture. Oh, and buy a t-shirt.

Ronnies Sex Shop

As we left a tour bus pulled up and a group of Germans hopped off, cameras in tow. All because of 3 letters painted in red. This made me laugh but I guess I had just done the same thing. I guess Ronnies Sex Shop is just one of those odd places that you hear about and have to see for yourself.

Ronnies Sex Shop

Ronnies Sex Shop Good to Know

Hours: I’m pretty sure they close when they feel like it.
Don’t miss: Say hi to Ronnie!
Located: See map

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