My Safari Big 4 out of 5


My Safari Big 4 out of 5

I didn’t arrive in Africa with a list of things to tick off – except those on my bucket list of course. I had no expectations for my 1st safari experience and definitely did not have specific animals in mind that I had to see. This was of course until the term “Big 5” was jammed down my throat. Known as the most dangerous animals in Africa, this term was coined by early game hunters who came to collect. It includes the african elephant, lion, water buffalo, rhinoceros, and the ever elusive leopard.

Although I didn’t see them all, I did see most. With that here is my African Safari Big 4 out of 5 list in slide show form:

1 –

Safari BIG 4 out of 5The Lazy Lion. The most photogenic my safari Big 4 was Mr.Lion. The fact that they sleep around 20 hours a day may have had something to do with it.

2 –

Safari BIG 4 out of 5The African Elephant. I could watch these guys all day and still not understand how they are a thing. I mean, just look at them.

3 –

Safari BIG 4 out of 5The Surprisingly cute Water Buffalo. Don’t let this adorable face fool you. This guy is considered the most dangerous animal in Africa. Just ask the lions.

4 –

Safari BIG 4 out of 5The Blurry Rhino. We didn’t see this odd, horny creature until our last day on safari in the Ngorongoro Crater. Although it was from a distance I am still glad it made my safari Big 4 out of 5 list.


Safari BIG 4 out of 5The Elusive Leopard. No worries, I will always have the one that got away as drawn by Erin Pongracz:



What say you?
Have you done better than my Safari Big 4 out of 5 list? not listed here?
Let’s hear it!

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