How to spend your perfect week on the Greek Islands


Are you planning on visiting the Greek islands soon but have no itinerary? If not, this post on how to spend a perfect week on the Greek Islands is for you!

The Greek islands are a treasure trove of beauty and have been a popular vacation spot for centuries. The islands boast some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, classic ruins, and delicious cuisine. There are also charming towns that beckon you to explore their streets. With so many things to see and do on these sunny islands, it can be hard to plan. 

To help you make your decisions easier, continue reading about the different islands you can visit and the activities there. Whether you are someone who likes to lounge by the beach or poolside, shop, or spend more time being active and outdoors. 


The first place we have on our perfect week on the Greek Islands list is Glyfa. Technically, it is not an island, but rather a small seaside village that is a must-see. It is on the Greek mainland between Volos and Lamia.

When visiting Glyfa, you can explore mainland attractions including the ever-famous acropolis as well as other ancient ruins in the area. While this may not be an island, this charming seaside village is a must-see and can be accessed by ferry. Booking a ticket with LetsFerry here takes only a minute, and it’s an experience you can’t get anywhere else. The excitement of the people waiting to go to their destination is contagious, and it only gets more intense when the boat pulls onto the water. 


The next place that we have on our list is Amorgos. If you are looking for a simple 3-day trip that is not far from the other island, Amorgos is a short hour-long ferry trip from Santorini.

For those who love the outdoors and outdoor activities, Amorgos is incredibly well known for its impeccable and magnificent hiking trails. There are 7 main hiking trails on the island, so you have your pick of any difficulty and length that you want. 

When not hiking you can take a road trip around the island, or even find yourself relaxing on the beach after a nice long walk. 


Santorini is an island that is well known for its postcard views and incredible sunsets that are paired with local wines and snacks. For those looking for a more romantic getaway, a week in Santorini is exactly what you need.

Here in Santorini, you can take a trip to go and see the whitewashed Cycladic villages which are the main attraction on the island. You can also spend your days relaxing by the pool or on the beach and take in the sun.

Santorini is known for its incredible views. Fair warning, might stop every few steps to take a picture. 


Moving on to our next place, we have Paros. This is the perfect island to visit towards the end of your trip. It is a great place to visit to wind down the end of your holiday and just take it easy.

Here you can spend the day exploring walking and hiking trails. You can also make your way through the gorgeous little towns and find yourself relaxing on a beautiful sandy beach. If you want to do something a little more exciting, half-day or a full-day tour boat tours are an option. 


Last but not least, we have Naxos. This island is the biggest of the islands in the Cyclades. If you want to see as much as you can, your best bet would be to rent a car and drive around the island.

Naxos is a great place to visit for a more relaxing holiday. You can spend the day laying out on the beach or take a casual walking tour in the old town and castle. 

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