Tips for Travelling Off the Beaten Track

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If you tire of similar-style holidays and popular tourist destinations, then it might be time to take the scenic route. Travelling off the beaten track means that you can see some undiscovered wonders. This can make each day and trip an adventure to remember. 

Get Lost!

The most important tip for getting off the beaten track is not to be afraid to get lost. Some of the best adventures happen when you’re not looking for them, so it is essential to be open to opportunities and new routes. Try not to plot out your itinerary or wander in advance and instead see what each day brings you. If you don’t know where you are, don’t panic, and instead, start exploring. Let the destination and the people become your focus, not the itinerary. This is the only way to get off the tourist map and tap into the real heart of a place.
It’s important to make sure you’re safe, so having access to your phone, a portable charger, or even a paper map is necessary to make sure you can find your way home if need be. Having these items as a backup can make sure you can safely divert from the usual path and know that you can find out where you are in case of an emergency.

Speak to Locals

One of the best ways to discover a place is by talking to locals. If you’re going to a foreign country, then learning some basic phrases in the language goes a long way to endear you to the locals. If you simply ask questions, you’ll be surprised by how much you learn.

No one knows an area better than the people who live there. Taking the time to get tips from the experts means that you’ll be eating at hidden gems and seeing beautiful spots without the crowds. 

Consider Your Accommodation

Getting off the beaten track may also mean looking for accommodation that facilitates moving around. If you’re looking to focus your holiday on spending time in nature, then it’s essential not to get tied down by accommodation that isn’t rural. 

For example, if you want to spend time cycling in the mountains, hiking scenic trails, or taking a boat to your next destination, it might be time to look into accommodation that lets you sleep outside. Of course, tents are the obvious solution to this problem, but you could also consider converting a van so you can sleep in it or something more glamorous like glamping in Maine to stay outdoors in comfort. 

Pack Light

Travelling off the beaten path means being ready to go where the wind takes you. In doing so, you don’t want to be held back by heavy bags or unnecessary items. Packing light means that you can come and go quickly and be ready for adventure at a moment’s notice.

Try to keep packing to the absolute essentials, and if you can, try to avoid hardshell suitcases. Instead, invest in a sizable travel backpack. It’s easier to take on transport and means you can carry everything you need on your back, rather than worrying about the terrain when dragging a suitcase behind you. 

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