Golfing Princeville at Hanalei – One of America’s Best


Golfing Princeville at Hanalei – One of America’s Best

Kauai lured us in a way that the ‘Big Island’ and other Hawaii destinations hadn’t. It is rich in both Hawaii’s famous surf, the aloha spirit, and the expansive island scenery that humbles as much as it inspires. One element we hadn’t totally accounted for when we started planning our trip was how seamlessly the surf, views, weather, and aloha spirit would combine to deliver a world class (Top 10 in America) golf experience. We were lucky enough to tee off at the prestigious Princeville at Hanalei.


This is Princeville golf course, where we set out to beat Tiger Woods. It’s an epic 18 holes that leverage every natural ingredient provided by the island including waterfalls, ocean vistas, surf breaks, and steep peaks. Before golfing Princeville at Hanalei we had visions of glory in our minds.


One problem with golfing Princeville on the island of Kauai, or any tropical location, is the almost absolute unpredictability of the weather. We started off hitting a bucket of Pro-V1’s at a rainbow in what was the most beautiful driving range we have ever played. The driving range encompassed a mixed feeling of both luxury spa and professional golf that only Punta Mita has ever come close to rivaling for us.


After a relaxed bucket or two we loaded up in our carts and proceeded to the first tee box. Inside the 2 minute drive between the beautiful sun,  rainbow view, and the first tee… the heaven’s literally opened. This did not stall the exceptional service. Our marshal proceeded to inform us of the impressively accurate and detailed 3D course guide onboard our cart for a good 5 minutes.


Our first two holes Golfing Princeville involved more holding on (to our clubs), than they did playing the shot. It was pouring as it only can along the equator, a true monsoon if I’d ever seen one (and I lived in Sumatra for 5 years). Our first few holes had us regretting the decision to ‘tee off anyways’ and fearing that we had wasted the opportunity to really play. However, the unpredictability of the weather plays both ways and by the 3rd green we were well on our way to beautiful weather… and an intense wind storm.


The course proceeded with epic hole after epic hole. Some proceeding towards a rare view of the full force of the pacific ocean.  And others bringing natural waterfalls into play.



All in, Golfing Princeville was one of the most beautiful and challenging courses we have ever seen. Tiger Woods reported that the course was ‘unjust’, unfortunately we can’t beat his report, its a beautiful killer. Travis, a 12 handicap player, played a solid 100 strokes or + 28 on the par 72 course (rated: 75.4/71.4/69.6/66.5). It’s probably best to come prepared to play amazing golf as it is to come and enjoy Kauai for its natural beauty. When Tiger suggests its unfair to walk in this jungle, perhaps a couple kids from Vancity should just enjoy the day in the park, playing golf, enjoying the weather, the service, and the 19th hole bar for a beer.




Although Aaron and his golf partner were provided a discounted press rate to experience golfing Princeville at Hanalei,
the experience, opinions, and lost balls are their own.

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  1. Avatarsays: Damilola Adeleye Daisy

    Thanks for sharing this. This is very informative. They are things one should look out for.

  2. Avatarsays: Harly Smith

    Nice! Golfing anywhere in Hawaii is high on my list, let alone Princeville! Good to see the clouds parted for you mate!

    1. Avatarsays: Aaron Brady

      It would have been mandatory snorkels for every bunker if it kept up as hard as when it started. Thanks Harly!

    1. Avatarsays: Aaron Brady

      Perfect conditions other than the rain. But they said they’d work on that for us next time.

  3. Avatarsays: Victor Scott

    I golfed Maui and it was pretty special. Hawaii is one of my top 5 places to golf for sure.

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