Cape Winelands Guided Tour – It’s for the best.


A self-guided wine tasting tour is never a good idea. Fun, but never a good idea. As I found out early on my Garden Route in 3 days trip, having to drive and watching Erin enjoy all the wine and cognac she could handle wasn’t all that thrilling for me. So when it came to visiting the wineries near Cape Town I decided to do it right with a Cape Winelands guided tour from my Cape Point day tripping friends at PG Tops Tours.

Best. Decision. Ever. 

Here’s why:

The Obvious

The first reason why decided to go with a Cape Winelands guided tour with PG Tops was to not have to drive. Unlike the winery stops along the Garden Route we were both free to indulge… and indulge we did. No spit bucket here!

The Time Manager

Cape Towns wine region is big. Like 20,000 square kilometers big. Within that there are more than a few handfuls of wineries. If left to our own devices I would have hit 1-2 places tops but Deon, our PG Tops Cape Winelands guided tour host kept us on schedule. In doing so we got to 4 wineries and a craft brewery!

Our Cape Winelands guided tour host hard at work


The Insider

Aside from keeping us on schedule, Deon proved to be very knowledgeable about the area and was able to provide tips, and suggestions. We would’ve missed out having not had a Cape Winelands guided tour. PG Tops Tours have their favourite wineries to visit but they like to get a feel for what the customers like. Part of this for us was visiting the Pongracz  sparkling wine vineyard which proved to be a struggle to find. Thankfully Deon figured it out and, although the winery had no availability, was able to get us in. This was something special for Erin (who shares the same last name) and he would have missed it had we not had a Cape Winelands guided tour.

Pongracz sparkling wine thanks to our Cape Winelands Guided Tour.

The Historian

Lastly with why a Cape Winelands guided tour is for the best is the history you will miss out on otherwise. Deon took us for a detour through Stellenbosch filling us in with historical information along way. Now I like to make stuff up as much as the next idiot but this Cape Winelands guided tour was a wine-fuelled history lesson. And it was great.

Cape Winelands Guided Tour Pick

For these reasons I am very glad we decided on a Cape Winelands guided tour instead of tackling it ourselves.PG Tops proved to be (once again) a great choice as Deon was fun, accommodating, knowledgeable and went above and beyond.

On top of that he drove us home. Win. 

Cape Winelands Guided Tour – Take me home.

PG Tops Cape Winelands Guided Tour Good to Know

Cape Winelands guided tour rate: Contact PG Tops for rates!
Includes: Wine tasting and designated driver!
Don’t Miss: Spice Route, Fairview for a little cheese to go with that wine!

What say you?
Thoughts on why a Cape Winelands Guided Tour is for the best?
Let’s hear it!

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Although I was provided a complimentary Cape Winelands Guided Tour with PG Tops,
the experience, opinions, and several glasses of wine are my own.

So how does this tour rank?

10 Guide
10 Execution
10 Information
10 Value
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