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For a city I was told to avoid, it sure is photogenic. With bustling streets, amazing temples, and colorful food, Bangkok is not camera shy. Taking pictures was a pleasure and Bangkok through Instagram was a great way for me to share the sights of this vibrant city. Tuk-Tuks, Golden Buddhas, and deep fried grasshoppers are just a few of the shots captured. Scroll down for some of my favorite pictures of Bangkok through Instagram.

 I loved the action on Khaosan Road. So much action, sights, and smells. I caught this guy taking a break from it all.

Pad Thai straight from the streets of Bangkok.

One of the many Buddha statues captured on my Bangkok through Instagram roll.

Love the Tuk-Tuks on the streets of Bangkok…except when they scam you.

Sic ride brah!

Bangkok through Instagram – One of the many temples we stopped at.

Erin looking for good fortune in Bangkok. You take a hundred or so coins and distribute them in a row of jars for good luck!

Bangkok through Instagram – Capturing the gold flakes added to statutes for good fortune.

The start of Khaosan Road…and the end of many backpackers nights.

Outside of Wat Pho, Bangkok Thailand

Bangkok Through Instagram – Capturing prayers 

Love the colors and contrast of the Thailand flag here.

Land of 1000 smiles and I can’t get 1.

Wat Pho and the amazing Reclining Buddha

Fried scorpions anyone??

Bangkok through Instagram – Golden Buddha’s

The streets of Bangkok

Loved drinking at these roadside makeshift bars!

Flower offering

Lunch anyone? Although I like to think I would try anything once, this street food did not and will not happen for me.


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