5 Reasons Why Koh Tao is my Favorite Thailand Island

5 Reasons Why Koh Tao is my Favorite Thailand Island 4

With so much to offer in ways of entertainment and relaxation in the Gulf of Thailand, how do you choose which is your favorite Thailand Island? It is hard to dismiss the nightlife of Samui and the beaches of Koh Pha Ngan but for me, it was easy to set Koh Tao apart.  With that in mind here are 5 reasons why Koh Tao is my favorite Thailand island.

1) A Party Vibe for Everyone

As we island hopped our way north we had this weird sense of being Goldilocks when it came to the Thai beach nightlife. Chaweng Beach on Samui was toooo dirty and Koh Pha Ngan was tooo crowded with the Full Moon Party. So when we arrived Koh Samui and found the perfect mix of chill and good times it was juuuust right. We had arrived. The stretch of bars along with Sairee Beach range from laid-back to full-on clubs with everything in between. I especially enjoyed the bars with beanbag chairs on the beach where we could relax and drink fruity cocktails while enjoying the scenery and music. When we wanted to enjoy the activities we moved to the next bar where there were fire dancing and drinks by the bucket.

Favorite Thailand Island
Why Koh Tao is my Favorite Thailand Island – Fruity drinks yo!
Favorite Thailand Island
Laidback vibes
Favorite Thailand Island
Why Koh Tao is my Favorite Thailand Island – or parties on fire

Favorite Thailand Island

2) Stunning Sunsets

Like obscenely stunning. Every night we were treated to a light show unlike any I have ever seen. This of course just played into the relaxation that this great Island brings. No words.

Favorite Thailand Island

Favorite Thailand Island

Favorite Thailand Island
Why Koh Tao is my Favorite Thailand Island – Stunning Sunsets

3) Divers Paradise

Known as one of the cheapest places to get Paddi certified, Koh Tao is a first-time divers dream. Scuba veterans also enjoy diving in Koh Tao as the amazing sea life found in the area keeps people coming back. Colourful coral, giant sea turtles, fish of all species, and even sharks can be viewed up close and personal. Although a back injury kept me from diving I was still able to enjoy the warm waters and colourful life beneath it.  I snorkelled every day as it became part of my favourite Thailand island routine.

4) Neighboring Koh Nang Yuan

Another reason why Koh Tao is my favourite Thailand island is its close proximity to Koh Nang Yuan. This amazingly beautiful spot on earth features a sandy shore that connects two islands. It was unlike anything I have ever seen and was a great place to spend the day relaxing on the beach, snorkelling its shores, and hiking to the islands vantage point. From above you get an amazing view of this natural phenomenon. The best part is this little slice of paradise is only a short boat ride away from Koh Tao.

Favorite Thailand Island

Favorite Thailand Island

Favorite Thailand Island

Favorite Thailand Island

5)  And Finally, Why Koh Tao is my Favorite Thailand Island…

This Guy:

Favorite Thailand Island

You can find Thai pancakes in pretty much every touristy corner in Thailand…but, not like this. This delicious crêpe like treats are almost as good to eat as they are to watch being made at this little stand in Koh Tao. I watched in awe as this little guy worked feverishly taking orders, tossing dough, firing off freshly sliced fruit, and flipping pancakes. Cheapest dinner and a show ever. Nutella, PB, banana, and condensed milk for the win.

Favorite Thailand Island

Still Not Convinced?

For me, it was easy to claim Koh Tao as my favourite Thailand island. If you need more convincing Koh Tao is a great place to explore by scooter. Also, there is a beach called Shark Bay where you can snorkel with tiny sharks. If that is too much excitement for you then the laid back beach party scene and the unbelievable sunsets are sure to make Koh Tao your favourite Thailand island as well.

What say you?

What’s your favourite Thailand island and why?

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    Gorgeous photos! I love the perfect blend of chill, fun and relaxing – so perfect when you can head a few hundred metres away to change the vibe depending on your mood!

  2. Avatarsays: Harly Smith

    The wife and I adore Koh Tao. It is so peaceful in comparison to the neighboring islands. Good call Shaun and great list!

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    Koh Tao is rad. Have you been to Koh Phi Phi though? It is my favorite for all that you mentioned plus the scenery.

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