5 Reasons Why you Should Take a Cruise to Alaska

When you think about taking a cruise, tropical destinations and blended drinks probably come to mind. Because of this, few people consider taking a cruise to Alaska. You might think the state is frigid and barren without the beaches and palm trees of the Caribbean. But there’s so much more to taking a cruise to Alaska including the diversity of both wildlife and landscapes which provides a completely different experience.

With that in mind, here are a few reasons why you should consider taking a cruise to Alaska.

You Can See Glaciers

Why you Should Take a Cruise to Alaska

Some cruises to Alaska take passengers to see the State’s glaciers. As the earth warms up, many of the giant blocks of ice are slowly melting and seeing it with your own eyes can be a magical experience. Check the itinerary before you book your trip and see if it includes a visit to the Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve. Just note that whenever you visit this frozen wonderland, the temperatures can be cool, even in the middle of summer. Pack accordingly.

The Adventure

Why you Should Take a Cruise to Alaska

Alaska is an adventure for two reasons. First, you’re exploring the relatively unknown as you sail along the coast. Second, when you get onto the shore, there are endless activities to get the adrenaline pumping. It’s easy to explore the coast on a boat or go kayaking in the rivers. You can also find lots of opportunities to go zip lining, mountain biking and hiking. Visiting Alaska not only gives you a unique experience as you see a different part of the world but it’s also a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts.

Enjoying the Wildlife

Why you Should Take a Cruise to Alaska

One of the highlights of almost every cruise to Alaska is the opportunity to see the vast array of wildlife living in their natural habitats. As you cruise along the coastline, you might be lucky enough to spot anything from wolves to whales to bears. The barren landscape is a haven for animals that most people only get the chance to see on TV. Cruisers can experience and take photographs of them first-hand roaming around the countryside and swimming along the coastline.

The Chance to Explore Canada

Why you Should Take a Cruise to Alaska

If you take a cruise to Alaska, you could have the chance to make it part of a bigger trip and explore Canada too. Chances are your cruise to Alaska will depart or stop in the beautiful city of Vancouver. Your itinerary may also include a stop in Victoria, the capital of British Columbia and one of Canada’s prettiest small cities. Plan a few days in Canada and experience the country before joining your once in a lifetime cruise.

Here’s Why You Should Take a Cruise to Alaska

Why you Should Take a Cruise to Alaska

If you want a different experience and the chance to see bears and glaciers, a cruise to Alaska is for you. Why not try something different this year and have an incredible adventure to this vast wonderland?

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Why you Should Take a Cruise to Alaska

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