Why Singapore has the Best Airport in the World


Since 1999 Singapore has held the title of the best airport in the world 6 times. It currently holds this title with consecutive years at the top since 2013. I’ve only read about the awesome extras this airport has to offer, never experiencing them first hand…until now. Curiosity fully got the best of me as I scheduled some time to discover for myself what makes Changi the best airport in the world.

Here’s what I found:

Free mints! Good start Singapore.


The thing I noticed most about my time at the Changi Airport was the hassle-free experience. From getting to the terminal via city train from downtown to breezing through customs, the best airport in the world is about making your experiences as hassle-free as possible. Most notably this included getting through security, which was done at the gate instead of at one congested point.

Well-played Changi Airport.


Let me Entertain you

Not many airports can match the entertainment options found at Changi Airport. Shopping and duty-free aside, the best airport in the world features art pieces, free internet kiosks, a rooftop pool,  a freaking slide, a koi pond, Xbox 360 terminals, and a full-size movie theatre… Oh, and it’s all free.


Rest up

Long layover got you down? Cheer up, the best airport in the world has you covered. On top of providing options to keep you entertained, Singapore’s Changi Airport has plenty of extras to help you relax. For starters, seating throughout the airport is far superior to most airports. There is even a quiet zone with full-on lounger chairs. Then there are free massage chairs throughout. I would change my routine just for another go at these massage chairs in the best airport in the world.

Room to Improve

As amazing as all this is, the best airport in the world is only getting better. Everything from toilet attendants to customs agents are constantly being rated. Throughout you will find feedback terminals, proof that Changi Airport takes the best airport in the world title very seriously.

Take note other airports.


I see beer fountains and cotton candy machines in our future.

Best Airport in the World Good to Know

Terminal 1 Highlights: Kinetic Rain and Social Tree art pieces.
Terminal 2 Highlights: Enchanted Garden and Entertainment deck (X-Box)
Terminal 3 Highlights: Movie Theatre and Slide!

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