A Peek Inside the Miami Avianca Lounge

Miami is not one of my favorite places. It feels fake and like a playground for those that can afford it. So for my recent 24-hour layover in Miami, I opted to stay close to the airport. Not surprisingly, this was no better. In short, the airport hotel was the worst hotel I have stayed in… and I’ve stayed in some dives. Because of this, we arrived at the Miami airport hours before our flight to get inside the Miami Avianca lounge. Here’s how it looks:


To get inside the Avianca Miami Lounge head to gate J-4. From there go up three floors where friendly staff will help you check in. The Miami Avianca lounge is open 24-hours a day.


Amenities inside the Avianca Miami lounge are pretty standard. The area is large but was a bit crowded. They’re comfy lounge chairs, TV rooms, showers, and a great little business center where I was able to print out some much-needed documents.

Food and Drink

While I was inside the Avianca Miami lounge, it was during lunch service which was pretty limited. “This tastes exactly like Lipton sidekicks,” said Erin. To my surprise, this was meant as a good thing. Apparently she likes gray, slop. Who knew?

Miami Avianca Lounge

At least the drinks were plentiful inside the Miami Avianca lounge.

How to get in

Bland food and a packed house at aside, getting inside the Miami Avianca lounge offered a sanctuary from Miami. If you’re like me, this is a wonderful thing. To get inside you will need a business class or above Star Alliance ticket… or pay $25 USD + tax.

 Inside the Miami Avianca Lounge Good to Know

Includes: Food, drink, and preflight cocktails.
Don’t Miss: the bar.

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